Join Spiritual Mommas– a Free Community for Spiritual Women.  A sacred community for positive, high vibe women who want to connect with Magnetic, Inspiring, Authentic, Angelic, Lightworker women.
This is a sacred place to make spiritual friends, network, feel supported, practice developing your intuition and use of spiritual techniques in your personal life for happiness and success.

This is a place to share your spiritual stories and develop your spirituality further. Welcome if you’re ready to experience this!

Who are Spiritual Mommas?

Spiritual Mommas are strong empowered women who work from a heart-centered base.

They have pure, kind-hearted intentions.

They may be actual mothers, or even a mother figure with their family, friends, animals, or tribe. {Note: you don’t have to have children to be a Spiritual Momma—just a spiritual woman who’s a light seeker. Ready to share your light with your loved ones around you.}

They like to use intuition, crystals, candles, psychic development, angel or oracle cards, manifesting methods, law of attraction, aromatherapy sprays, essential oils, and additional holistic methods for personal use or for their friends or family.

They are strong empowered women.

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