I had a Dream last night

I had a Dream last night…..

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I have been having many vivid dreams a few nights in a roll. I think what makes these dreams so amazing is that they’re from the same person, or rather pet. See, I lost my poodle Bianca last September. We had her since she was 6 months old, and she passed around 11 ½ years old. We shared a very special-bond and close relationship. That even after spirit, she comes to visit me. In fact, the day she passed, she was very ill. I was extremely stressed about her well-being, so while she was at the Doctor’s I decided to take some time for relaxation to give me peace of mind. I got out my yoga mat and began to do yoga. Towards the end of my yoga session, I was lying in corpse pose when all of the sudden I saw a clairvoyant image of her, clear as day. I saw her with this gold and white light, very vibrant light. She spoke and told me “Mom, I have to leave now. I’m going with Jesus.” Then, I saw Jesus standing behind her, but his light was so pure, it was very hard to see him in detail. She looked at me happily, with smiles, wagging her tail. I said, “Okay.” Then, the image went away. I stood up. I tried to rationalize the experience. I told myself. Please tell me that was my imagination. I then called the Veterinarian’s office. They confirmed her passing…


It has been over 9 months since I’ve heard from her. Now I keep having these vivid dreams of her. She comes to me in great detail letting me feel the weight of her body as I hug her and pet her fur. Smiling happily and wagging her tail. It’s such an honor and blessing to have those special visits of her in my dreams.



Which brings me to my question? Have you had any special visits in your dreams from departed loved ones? Please know they are real and do exist. No matter how much we try to rationalize it from our ego-mind perspective. Trust me Spirit is Real. And these experiences do exist and are possible.

Different Types of Dreams:


  • Fear Releasement Dreams: With this type of dream, you my notice some of your deepest fears come-up. You may feel scared or fearful. You may sense your heart racing or pumping. And have this sense of fear come over you. But not to be alarmed, we have this type of dream as a clearing, to remove any fears that may be causing blockages in our life.
  • Prophetic Dreams: This type of dream is normally very vivid and real, as if you’re there in the moment in time. You may also see the exact messages in the dream manifest and occur in the wakening life. Good or bad. These are mostly warning dreams to prepare us for a life lesson to come.
  • Astral Dreams: You may have an OBT (Out of Body Experience), you may sense your spirit out of your physical body. You may have dreams of flying above a bed, over someone or a land. You may sense your spirit traveling to the Akashics, other realms, different moments in time (past lives or helping someone on earth), etc.
  • Visits from Departed Loved Ones: You may receive messages from your loved ones, sense them sending their love through smiles, hugs, kisses. They may even come to you with guidance and support.
  • Symbolism Dreams: These are metaphorical dreams, not literal. In which you have to decode the symbols in the dream to find the true meaning. For example, someone hurts their eye. It can relate to someone not seeing the situation clearly, having to remove the blinders and fog to see more of the truth in their waking life.

***Please feel free to share and post your dream experience (s) below. I would love to hear from you and your experiences.