Manifesting Money Quickly & Easily

Top 4 Secrets to Manifesting Money Quickly & Easily

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you’re having an Amazing day. Summer seems to be flying by here in the Northern Hemisphere. I can already feel fall in the air and fast approaching.

Today, I want to share with you some of my top secrets that I use for manifesting and co-creating Big money in my life. Shh…These are my top secrets. Trust me, these are fast and effective techniques. But also very easy to use and non-invasive.

Are you ready?

Secret # 1: Daydream—You can actually manifest through positive visualization. With this technique, you’re tapping into the energy of the Universe through your mind’s eye of imagination, imagery and dreams.
To begin find a quiet place to sit and relax. Then sit or lay in a comfortable position, close your eyes and I and want you to daydream. Visualize yourself. See your spirit. See your happiest version of yourself.

Next, see your spirit dressed in a green money dress (if you’re a man, then a green dress suit).  See this dress looking abundant and rich. See and feel the energy of wealth surrounding you. See thousands of dollar bills (or desired currency, i.e. euros, pounds, etc.) all over your dress, hanging off your skirt and blouse. Twirl and smile with your money dress.

Then, see dollar bills absorbing to this dress and surrounding you with wealth. At this time, you can also speak to these dollar bills. Tell the energy of the dollar bills how you would like to receive money from them, whether it’s with a promotion, increase in clients, selling a book, selling a product, etc.

From there send love to the image and go about your day.

{You can do this daydream visualization exercise as many times as you like through the week, no more than a few times a week.}

Secret # 2: Dream Board Time Clock— Create a Money Dream Board Time Clock.

To create a money dream board you will need the following items:

  • Poster Board or Construction paper
  • Images and phrases the represent your money goal, such as cash, new house, vacation, career advancement, affirmation, intention, etc.

First, draw a round clock on construction paper, then I want you to write on top the season of the year you want these goals to manifest.

Next, include photos and phrases of your money goal.

From there, include at the bottom “This or Something Better Manifests for me in the Highest Good now.”

Watch this video to see me walk you through the steps and receive a visual example:


Watch the Video:

Secret # 3: Money Affirmations— Try to say these affirmations for 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening for 5-7 days consecutively, and watch the positive effects of affirming money affirmations.

Money Affirmations:

Money Loves Me

My Income is Increasing

Money comes to me Easily

There’s more than enough to go around

My income increases daily

I attract money unexpectedly

I am a Money Magnet

I am Rich, Wealthy, and Abundant

I love Money

I am an Abundant being

I Manifest Money Easily

I have a healthy relationship with Money

Secret # 4 Candle work— Use the energy of candles to attract more Wealth and Money to you.

What you will need:

To begin, first hold the green candle in your hands and state “The Creator, of all that is, I ask you to cleanse my money candle. Please remove any lower vibrations in this candle and bless it with positive, abundant energy now.”

Next, write at the top of the candle, what your money goal is. Try to focus on one goal. It doesn’t have to be legible. Just write your intention to the Universe.

From there, rub a few drops of money oil on the side of your candle. Then, hold your candle and visualize your money goal.

Place your candle in the candle holder or candle plate, light the candle and state “I light this candle with the intention of ____(state your money goal).

Thank you. Amen.” Let the candle burn through. If you have to blow it out, then use a candle snuffer and state thank you. You can relight with the same intention. By lighting the candle, the flame in the candle is bringing your wish to the Heavens (i.e. sending your wish to the Universe. )

Happy Money Manifesting!! 🙂





Spiritual Teacher

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