I seen an Angel

I seen an Angel

Hi Intuitive Souls,


I’m sure you’ve heard of angels before. If not, they are “Messengers of God” also known as “Angelic beings.”

I can remember in 2007, when I was 9 months pregnant, during that time I was beginning to expand on my spirituality and intuition—really embrace it.

One day, I wasn’t feeling very well, and I can remember calling on my angels for healing. Then all of the sudden I saw this huge orb, as tall as a giant with vibrant pink rays illuminating. I saw the color getting bigger and bigger, standing right next to me. I then felt this wave of unconditional love come over me. I felt an immense amount of peace. And all of the sudden, the angel disappeared, and I felt better. It happened in matter of a few minutes, but felt much longer, as if time was frozen.

With this experience, I was visited by 2 Angels working side-by-side. They were Archangels Jophiel and Ariel. Archangel Jophiel is known for assisting with beauty and self-worth, but I also felt her healing me that day. While Archangel Ariel is a great manifestor. She helped me manifest my body into perfect health. Both of these Archangels worked together to send me angel healing.

Now, I’ve always talked to my angels and believed in them. They’ve always shown me signs and been there on every occasion where miracle healing, divine intervention and guidance were needed.

Did you know, that you can talk to your Angels and have the same experiences, too?

As I always teach, in all of my courses, everyone has the gift of intuition. In which, you too, can sense and communicate with your Angels on a daily basis for personal healing and growth.

In fact, I would like to teach you 3 tips to start working with and inviting the Angels into your life right now, whether you’re new to working with them or would like to strengthen and rekindle your relationship with your Angels.

Angel Communication Tools:

Belief and Intention: The first step is belief. Believe in your Angels and it will make it much easier to trust, hear, and receive guidance and support from them. Why is this? Because you have the gift of free-will, and with that gift, you have the free-will to believe or not, accept and receive help from your Angels, or not. It’s your choice.

So state an Affirmation: “I believe in my Angels. I invite them into my life now. It’s safe for me to communicate and talk to my Angels. I can see my Angels, just as others can, too.”

Ask for Signs: Communicate with your Angels daily, whether you speak to them mentally or outloud. They can be omnipresent. You’re never hindering or bothering your Angels. They are not ego-based, they come strictly from divine love and only want to help us with pure and good intentions.

You can begin communicating to your Angels by talking to them in the morning, while driving, while eating, while in prayer or meditation, etc. You can even journal and write to your Angels directly.

Speak to your Angels, just as you would a close friend or family member. You can ask them for assistance with minor or major tasks, from finding a parking space to getting a good job. There are no limits. Ask your Angels for assistance and ask them to show you signs towards the right path.

Ask to See: If you would like additional proof that they exist, then ask your Angels to help you see the truth around you. Ask your Angels to help you see their beautiful lit orbs and feel their presence. Ask them to help you feel at peace and have a positive, loving experience when you see them. They will answer your prayers and intentions.

Angel Blessings to you!

Love & Blessings,

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher

How to Stop Unhealthy Cycles in Your Family

{Family Karma} How to Stop Unhealthy Cycles in Your Family

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you are having a beautiful day. I want to share a story with you today…

Watch the Video Here:

See, it all started on my Mother’s side. If you follow my Family lineage it will date all the way back to my great-grandmother. I can recall her having so many love issues. She loved my great-grandfather dearly. She fell in love at a very young. But despite it all, he didn’t love or respect her in-return, not like she wanted or deserved.

I saw and heard of many stories where she was practically a single-mother. Raising all 8 children on her own. If she only knew how her actions and intentions, thereof, would trickle down to the generations following.

You see, her children (specifically) daughters, went on to marry, but would attract the same issues with men, as their mother did before them, in one way or another. That is, being a single mother, dead-beat husband and father to their children, etc. Then, their children would experience the same. Women in my family were having such a hard-time finding true, genuine, authentic love.

{This is known as Family Karma. Karma is defined as one’s intention, energy, and actions that can affect a person in their present, future, or past life. Karma is neither good nor bad, but neutral energy that will go to where it’s needed as an energy exchange. In which, the energy you put out with Karma is returned back to you, whether in this life or past life.

Now, besides having your own karma. You’re also born into shared karma of your family DNA.  Family Karma that is passed down from generation –to-generation, whether it be a trait, habit, or professional talent, or even family karma that relates to family addictions or patterns.}

I witnessed the cycle, the family pattern as a child. But I knew I never wanted to experience the pain and heartbreak as the women before me in my family.

-And I didn’t have to.-

And, neither do you. Can you relate? Is there family karma in your lineage that’s in need of healing? It can be related to any area money, health, job, career, children, marriage, love, etc.

If you see a cycle, the same pattern occurring again and again in your family, then know that you can do something about it.

Here are some tips for Healing Family, Shared Karma:

  • Cord-Vow Releasement: “Dear God, the Creator, from the Highest vibration of light, I call on you now, to help me cut all cords and vows from family shared karma, especially for any negative, addictions of _____(insert the unhealthy karmic issue). I give those emotions and experiences from my _____(name parent) and their_____(name mother or father’s side), to the Divine fully now, for transmutation and healing, replacing those emotions with _______(insert the positive, desired intent for healing). So it is. Amen.”
  • Mother Mary: Mother Mary is a miraculous healer. She can help to heal matters of the heart with family. To work with her, light a pink or white candle with a photo of her, keep fresh roses in the home, or rose oil. Then, speak to her from your heart, tell her how you would like to heal your family karma.
  • Declare Intentions to the Universe: Speak to the Universe. Tell the Universe that you’re ready to break any unhealthy cycles of addictions or patterns. That you’re ready to heal this shared karma for your family and promote healthier cycles. By being conscious of this energy, you can stop it from progressing forward to the generations following.
  • Release and Send love to the Past: Visualize those past experiences, then see them having a happy and peaceful ending. Next, send the emotions of unconditional love from your heart-center, to those experiences. Love is a very powerful. Love can heal all.

Do you want to take it a step further with healing your Family Karma? Then, check out my Online workshop this month http://kristinmarierodriguez.com/heal-your-family-karma-workshop/

Be the Healer for your Family. Stop unhealthy cycles, so they don’t continue in the generations following. I did. I can recall my first relationships similar to my great-grandmother, but then I used the above exercises and found true, authentic love. I’ve been with my soul-mate ever since. And it has been a truly blissful and amazing experience! 🙂

Love & Blessings,

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher