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What’s the Difference between a Predestined vs. a Desire Intuitive Messages?

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You know, I get asked a lot from my students “What’s the difference between a psychic-intuitive message that’s predestined or a desire? ”

And I have to say, there’s a big difference.

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First, a prediction is normally predestined.

This means that before the person incarnated they were predestined to be or have a specific experience.  Their soul came here to learn that lesson, so they can evolve.

For example, a person can be predestined to compete in the Olypmics, be a celebrity, be the president, etc. You may have heard before “They were destined to do great things” or “she was born for this.”

In those specific life experiences, they incarnated into this life for that specific life purpose. It was their destiny to pursue and accomplish those life goals.

Whereas with a desire, it’s not predestined, instead it’s affected by the person’s free-will and life choices.

The beautiful thing about free-will, though, is that the Creator gave us the free-will to make the right choice and decision while pursuing our destiny and life purpose.

I do believe that sometimes a person’s destiny (predestined message) can intervene with a person’s desire.

Meaning, sometimes to complete one’s destiny we’re able to use our free-will to co-create and manifest those changes and blessings more rapidly.

However, when a person receives a block with their desire, that’s normally when the desire is either, not a part of their destiny, more physical action is needed or cords need to be cut and detached from the desire and situation.

Normally, while conducting Intuitive Readings, my Spiritual Team will tell me if a message is predestined or if the client has the free-will to make changes for improvements. You should be able to sense this, too.

Here are some helpful tips so you can determine if a message is predestined or a desire:

Tip 1: Ask Your Spiritual Team- Communicate with your Spiritual Team and ask them if the messages you’re sensing is predestined or if the client can change circumstances with their free-will.

Tip 2: Sense Energy with your Feelings- Use clairsentience (your emotions and feelings). Notice if the message feels like it’s coming from the client’s heart-center or higher-self ?

If it’s coming from their heart-center, then it’s a desire.

Tip 3: Rise Above- Rise above the client’s energy to higher frequency and go directly to Source for clear guidance that’s unattached from the issue or desire.

Tip 4: Book of Life- This is an extra bonus. If you’d like to look at the client’s life lessons for this incarnation, then also review their book of life in their Akashic Records.

* Tips 1-3 can be done through an Intuitive Reading.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Have you had experiences with a predestined message vs. desire? If so, please feel free to share your experiences on below. I’d love to hear your stories! 🙂

Talk to you soon. Hugs.

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Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Counselor & Energy Healer
B.Msc., RMT