3 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Crystal for YOU

Each of us is unique in our own way. With that, we may work with a certain crystal more easily than others, or even be more sensitive to it.

First, think about what issue you want to resolve.  Take time to reflect on what desire or outcome you’re working on achieving or healing. Try to narrow this down to 1 word.

Second, what chakra is that one word desire or outcome associated with.

Third, choose the type and color crystal related to that chakra.

For Example,

Someone is trying to heal issues with the heart, whether heart health problems or emotional heart issues. Their one word would be “heart”.

This would be related to the heart chakra.

The color is associated with green or pink crystals. So ideal crystals would be rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, etc. Choosing the stone that feels right out of this variety.

The timing of working with a crystal may very. Some crystals may be for a few weeks or months, or life long companions. Always use your clairsentience, gut instincts and trusting what feels right.


Step 1: 1 Word Desire or outcome
Step 2: Chakra associated with the 1 word
Step 3: Color associated with that chakra

Results: Crystal Color and best crystal to work with at this time to heal, manifest, and achieve that desire.

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