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How to Increase your Clairvoyance

Hey, Spiritual Beauties!

I get asked frequently by many of my followers on how to increase their clairvoyance?

There are many different factors that can play a part in blocking your clairvoyance as well as different techniques to implement to Really increase it further.

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I’m going to cover 6 different ways to increase your Clairvoyance.


  1. Cut back on Dairy: With clairvoyance, our pituitary gland can help us to see clearly. If we consume too much dairy it can cause calcification, thus clogging and blocking the third-eye. Causing it to become clogged, foggy, hard to see within or outer.If you are a Professional Reader, then I recommend minimizing dairy before working with clients, either that day or the night before. There are also alternatives to dairy such as almond, coconut or rice milk. If you’d like to decalcify the third-eye area, then I’d recommend consuming an organic, whole food vitamin.


  1. Reduce Animal by Products: This is especially important for Empaths. The more sensitive we become, the more we can begin to feel and be affected by the food we consume. I recommend minimizing a day or two before a reading. If needing to consume due to low iron or physical health issues, then look for Non-GMO protein.


  1. Clean Food: You want to consume organic food that’s non-gmo. Chemicals from processed food can cause us to become sick and create health issues in the physical body, but they can also block our intuition. Switch to clean food as much as possible.


  1. Lapis Lazuli: Hold or wear this stone when conducting readings or practicing opening and awakening your third-eye. You can also meditate with this stone, or lay with it flat over your third-eye chakra for receiving crystal healing for increased intuition and clairvoyance.


  1. Awaken your Third-Eye Chakra: Close your eyes and focus within. Then you want to visualize an Eye Opening. The eye you see is your own eye, the eye from your Spirit, your higherself. If you see the eye closed, then speak to it and ask it to open. Once awake and open you will start to see more of the truth around you, both for yourself and others.


  1. Exercise the muscle of Clairvoyance: Just as any other talent, skill or language, you have to practice with that skill-set to improve and strengthen it further. Each day, practice visualization. First, focus on an image like a flower or cup, then close your eyes and visualize each detail of the item, such as he colors and sizes. Secondly, while conducting a reading make sure to ask your Spiritual Team to show you the message, help you to see the message. Specifically, asking to receive the message through sight.


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