• Do you enjoy using your natural-intuitive abilities to help others?

  • Would you like to increase your Spirituality for personal growth?

  • Do you often give and/or are sought after to provide guidance, comfort, and support for others?

  • Do you have a passion for working with Metaphysical subjects?

  • Would you like to increase your intuition and understand the intuitive impressions you sense?

  • Do you want to expand on your Spiritual Services ?

    Whether you would like to start a new Intuitive Business or you already have one and would like to expand on it, then this course can help you to offer a versatility of services and offerings, many different style readings. You can also learn additional Biz techniques for expanding on your practice.

How to Conduct Intuitive Readings:

    • Learn about the 6 main clairs
    • Creating and connecting to your Spiritual Team
    • Why a Gate Keeper is so important and how to use one for your readings
    • Grounding yourself before a reading
    • How to use a grounding cord
    • Using your psychic switch
    • Conduct an intuitive reading w/ assigned partner using intuition and psychic awareness, invocation for beginning and ending an intuitive reading included.

{Bonus} Receive CIC Psychic Attunement  distantly from Kristin Marie Rodriguez with your personal Development Reading included, addressing your clair’s and what can assist you to increase and/or work with them more.

{Bonus} Receive Angels and Goddess Chakra Balancing Meditation

{Bonus} Receive Grounding and Centering with Archangel Michael Meditation


Why Self-care is so important for Maintaining & Increasing your Intuition:

    • Learning about how your current conditions of your mind, body, and spirit can affect your readings with clients
    • Maintaining Your  Psychic- Intuitive Channel for receiving messages for self and others from the Divine
    • Why self-care is so important  for increasing and maintaining your intuition
    • Different ways to incorporate self-care into your life.
    • Taking time for self-care this week by implementing 1-2 methods of self-care from this lesson as well as learning how to tune into your body to listen to what it needs.
    • Foods that can block intuition and foods to eat for Increasing Intuition
    • Practice working with EFT (emotional Freedom technique): Can follow along with video and/ or script. Will learn about what EFT is as well as how to create your own EFT script for healing and increasing Intuition, Confidence, Spirituality as a Reader.

{Bonus} Receive the pdf manual on “How to Create your Sacred Space for Spiritual Work.” Includes meditation, 20 page pdf with video and Sacred Space Oracle layout.

{Bonus} Blessings Candle Ceremony for Releasement : With this ceremony, you can state 1-2 things that you would like to release, whether it’s a person, habit, situation, etc. Kristin will conduct the ceremony for you and your group members in a recorded video and photo included.

{Bonus: }Receive a Crystal Grid Energy Blessing for Increasing your Intuition and Awakening your Psychic Gifts

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How to Conduct Aura Readings:

  • Learn how many layers are in the aura.
  • What the colors mean and how the meanings may change according to your own personal, intuitive vocabulary.
  • Timing in the auric layers in revelance to messages.
  • Learn the different ways to read the aura.
  • Learn how you can use color therapy for healing yourself and others.
  • Conduct an Aura Reading with assigned partner .


How to conduct Crystal Readings:

(This is a new lesson 🙂 Just added to the Course.

        • Learn about what a Crystal reading is
        • 5 different methods for Conducting a Crystal Reading
        • Conducting a Crystal Reading for self
        • Conduct a Crystal Reading for Others
        • Conduct a Crystal reading with assigned partner

How to conduct Mediumship Readings:

  • Learn about what a mediumship reading is
  • The benefits of a mediumship reading
  • The stages of grief and healing
  • The language of spirit, how spirits deliver messages,
  • How spirits may appear
  • Learn 3 different methods for conducting a mediumship reading. Conduct a mediumship reading with assigned partner  or volunteer .

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How to conduct a Past Life Reading :

  • What are past life readings
  • What are energetic cords
  • How to heal Karma through cord-vow releasement and other methods
  • How to conduct a past life reading for self or others, learn about your past lives.

How to conduct an Akashic Records Reading :

  • Learn about what the Akashic Records are
  • How to access the records with a sacred prayer
  • Who are the Record Keepers and How to work with them in the Akashic Records
  • Conduct an Akashic reading.

{Bonus} Receive Past Life Meditation 

How to conduct Angel Readings:

    • Learn about specific Archangels and their specialties
    • How to work with the Angels
    • Choosing an angel deck
    • Blessing and caring for your oracle/angel cards
    • How to begin and end an angel reading for self or others
    • Learning what numbers mean when working with the Angels.
    • Learn 9 New Angel Spreads for Readings, whether for self or others.

Automatic Writing & Channeling:

    • How to Channel spiritual helpers with automatic writing.
    • Journaling to connect with your Angels and receive Angelic guidance.
    • How to use Pendulums for Readings and care/cleanse your Pendulum
    • How to use the Angel Chart with Pendulum Readings

{Bonus} Receive the CIC Angel Pendulum Chart to use for pendulum readings.

{Bonus} I also conduct angel reading in this video for the class. I walk through the whole process of how to conduct an Angel oracle reading, from preparing the room, getting ready for the reading, invocation, preparing and caring for the cards, connecting with the client’s energy, and ending the session properly. The video may be viewed again and again.

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How to conduct Pet Readings:

    • Learn the different types of pet readings to conduct, such as an intuitive, aura, mediumship, past life, and oracle reading.
    • Learn New oracle spreads to use for reading animals and pets.
    • Learn Spiritual Helpers to call on that work with the Animal Realm.
    • Prayer Invocation for beginning and ending a Pet Reading. Conduct a Pet Reading for self or others.

Power and Animal Totems:

    • Learn about different spirit animals and their meanings.
    • Learn who your power animal and animal totem is, how to connect with them, and learn how they are helping you.
    • Learn what the difference is between a Power animal and Animal totem. And, How to work with Spirit animals?

Receive Animal Meditation to connect with the Animal Realm.

thickpaperbackfront_604x964 (9)

Professional Business:

  • How to promote and build your Professional Spiritual business.
  • How to Empower your Clients.
  • How to add Intuitive Coaching into your Holistic Practice
  • Ethics as an Intuitive Counselor
  • How to set-up and record Videos
  • How to record Meditations
  • How to use Social Media to Attract your clients
  • Different ways to Advertise and Market your Spiritual Work
  • Choosing a name and/or logo for your business. Or if your current business name is an Energetic match for you.
  • How to use Numerology with Marketing your Spiritual Business.
  • Getting aligned with your Authentic self to gain clarity with the direction of your Spiritual Business.
  • What to charge for your services or offerings.

And Much More!!!

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  • Receive Angels & Goddess Chakra Balancing Meditation

    Help to connect to your Angels while balancing your energy centers, your 7 main chakras.

  • Receive Grounding & Centering Archangel Michael Meditation

    Great for grounding and centering your energy,  reducing the effects of feeling scattered in energy or ungrounded.

  • Receive Past Life Meditation

    Discover one of your past lives and use the meditation again and again to learn the details of others.

  • Receive CIC Pendulum Chart

    Give more accurate pendulum readings with the use of the CIC Angel Chart.

  • Receive Animal Meditation

    Deepen your Connection to the Animal Realm

  • Receive Sacred Space Meditation

    Learn about the current energy of your home and/or sacred space. Discover what you can do to increase the energy of your sacred space.

***After successful completion of the course, you’ll be awarded your Certified Intuitive Counselor® Certificate by mail. You will receive the digital course manual complete with lessons 1-9 in 1 pdf for you to refer at anytime at  your convenience. You’ll also receive a CIC logo image for your website to show your clients that you’re certified in many different style readings–a versatile reader.

I took the Certified Intuitive Counselor Course with Kristin and it was a-ma-zing! I really enjoyed it and I definitely learned a lot. I also gained confidence in myself thanks to her course. I loved the fact that we got to learn about different types of readings as well as the weekly practice readings we had to conduct. Kristin would give us her feedback as well as some tips. She is a very beautiful person and very knowledgeable and talented. I enjoyed her course so much that I am now taking a second course with her. She really is a great teacher! I encourage anyone to take this course or any other course with her. Thank you for such a wonderful experience Kristin! Love and Light to all!

NatachaCertified Intuitive Counselor www.healingwithnatacha.com

Kristin is amazing teacher and role Model! I learned so much in CIC and not just about the amazing course itself, but I learned to
accept myself and find my true purpose in life! I was so blessed and deeply grateful that divine guided me to Kristin! Kristin is very understanding & knowledgeable & guides you through it all, lesson by lesson. Thank You Kristin!
Deepest Gratitude!

ChitaCertified Intuitive Counselorhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/DefiantRelics
Saiedah Rose

“What a blessing the CIC Course is! I have always been an intuitive person but found myself struggling to use my abilities effectively. Through this course, I was able to enhance what abilities I already had, and even discovered some new ones. I was able to trust my abilities so much more and help others the way I’ve always wanted to. This course helped me to discover so much about who I am and who I am meant to be during my lifetime on earth. Everything was very nicely spaced out…not too overwhelming and not boring either. Kristin has done a fabulous job putting this course together. She covered so much information in the time we had and made everything easy to understand. It was so much fun and I felt sad that my time in the course was over. I finished this course and came out being a better version of myself. I have already recommended some of my friends and will recommend more. I had been wanting to take this course for years now and I’m grateful I finally had the chance. Thank you so much Kristin for your generosity and sharing your talents with others!”

Saiedah RoseCertified Intuitive Counselorhttp://saiedah.wix.com/thecosmicrose

Kristin is a beautiful and kind soul. She is professional, sweet, friendly, and compassionate. I took this beautiful course for personal reasons, but once I finished it, I decided to include all my new knowledge to my current spiritual business. The course is full of useful and great information and tips. I recommend this course 105%. It is worth the money, time, and homework. She is the best of the best. I am thankful for this wonderful course, knowledge, and experience. ~S.B.

SylviaCertified Intuitive Counselorwww.fengshuiangel.com

My experience with Kristin Marie Rodriguez’s Certified Intuitive Counselor program, was nothing short of excellent. I was Divinely guided to her and this program, and I knew from the start it was a perfect fit for me. Having said that, we all have intuitive abilities with in us. If you are looking for ways to strengthen yours and debating this program, look no further.  I say this with such confidence and love in my heart, because Kristin’s CIC program is all that you need, and then some. The studies have been invaluable, not only to enhance the lives of people I love, but also to enhance my own work and offer deeper value to my clients. The lessons are timely, easy to follow, are delivered in various formats (which makes them easy to understand regardless of what type of learner you are), and they are actionable moving forward (which is a win for me)! I love that I have Kristin’s guided meditations to listen to for life, and her words of wisdom are now in a beautiful binder I created for myself. The course is great, and Kristin is the icing on the cake.  She is a teacher that is compassionate, loving, and so gentle. I had various needs come up during the course, and her responses exceeded anything I could have imagined. She is a giving soul, and I am grateful to have found her and her work. This was a blessing of INFINTE Spiritual Abundance for me, and I know it will be for others as well. Thank you Kristin for shining your light into the world, and for sharing your gift with me.

Gina RossiCertified Intuitive Counselorwww.flourishfengshui.com
Erin Jenkins

“Awesome, awesome, awesome!  Kristin is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and compassionate :-)  She has been a wonderful facilitator for the development of my natural talent and gift, and now I can share that gift with the world!  I am truly grateful for discovering and engaging in this program and my life is forever changed for the better!  The connection I’ve developed with the Universe, the Earth, my spirit team and myself defy words and will forever be my source, my light, my love, my happiness!”

Erin JenkinsCertified Intuitive Counselor http://findyourhappy.us/
Heather Mays

“The Certified Intuitive Counselor class was such a blessing to me!  It allowed me to further explore and develop areas of intuition and metaphysics that I’d been longing to apply both professionally and in my personal life for quite some time.   The class was structured so that no one felt overwhelmed or left behind from one week to the next.   It was very beneficial to be partnered with multiple classmates so that we could each experience different types of readings with different types of clients.  If you’re on the fence and unsure about taking the next class, treat yourself and sign up — you won’t regret it!”

Heather MaysCertified Intuitive Counselorhttp://reflectiveradiance.com/
Elizabeth Booher

“I am grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to attend Kristin’s Certified Intuitive Counselor course.  I highly recommend this course to everyone who is exploring their abilities and spirituality.  If you are looking to gain new skills or polish current skills this course is definitely for you.  This course allowed me to gain valuable new skills as well as polish my professional business.  The 8 weeks covers everything from beginner to starting and growing your own business.  She is a wonderful mentor. I enjoyed this experience so much; I’ve joined the alumni group and hope to be a longtime member.  Everyone in her group is so very supportive and the learning continues.  Thank you again Kristin!!! ”

Elizabeth BooherCertified Intuitive Counselorhttps://www.etsy.com/shop/BeachAngelTarot
Latasha Woods

“I highly recommend Kristin’s CIC course to anyone seeking support on their spiritual path. Kristin is truly a wise mentor, leader and pioneer in this field. The class was supportive, engaging, enlightening and extremely rewarding. When I joined, I immediately felt a sense of belonging, acceptance and excitement about what Kristin and the class had to share. All lightworkers, healers, intuitives and spiritualists alike will gain so much information for their own practice and personal development. You will be excited by what you discover regarding your personal intuitive gifts as well as what Kristin and the class have to share about your general life path, higher beings, spirits, animals, angels, past lives, auras and so much more. I feel that beginners to the advanced level intuitive can all gain from the structure of this class. Most of all, you will have the tools to hone your gifts in well-rounded areas of intuitive readings. You may even be pleasantly surprised by the depth of your own abilities while taking this course. It’s always interesting to see what information comes through for the class, as well as what others have to share about you. I absolutely loved this class and will definitely carry these soul seeds and gems of wisdom with me as I continue on this path of spirituality and healing. Thank you for giving us this unique platform to be certified to do this extremely rewarding and healing work for self and others.”

Latasha WoodsCertified Intuitive Counselor http://LatashaWrites.blogspot.com

 When does the Class start?

Class starts October 2nd, 2017. The interactive online training course runs for 9 week, 2 months. You work 1-on-1 with Kristin and private group members.

 Who is the CIC course for & What level of Intuition do I need to have?

The CIC course is for Light workers wanting to learn how to increase and trust their intuition more. The techniques from this course can be used for self (personal use) and/or professional use. This course is very versatile and is great to start, whether you’re a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced  level with intuition and psychic awareness. Everyone can grow and increase their intuition and spirituality more with the techniques from this course, no matter what level. Many students who have taken this course have grown more spiritually in their personal and professional lives.

 What is the format of course content?

Each lesson is delivered in the new format of a pdf , video class, and audio mp3. So whether you prefer to study as a visual learner with the video lesson, are an auditory learner with hearing, or linguistic learner and prefer to read the lesson through written content. It’s your choice and available with your learning style. It’s also easily adaptable to implement in your weekly schedule.

 What’s the Schedule of the course?

This is a live online training program. In which, you will receive your course lesson every Monday weekly for 9 weeks. Assignments are due to be posted Every Thursday, in a private online community. Kristin reviews each assignment and provides recommendations, mentoring, and encouragement. She’s active in the private community during the live course.  She also provides additional intuitive insights, if guided. This is an accelerated course as you work with Kristin on each lesson weekly.  Course material is also available for download within the online community. Kristin is available for support and guidance.

What’s the CIC Psychic Attunement? This attunement was created by Spiritual Teacher Kristin Marie Rodriguez. It’s an extra bonus in the course for the live students. It’s conducted distantly. In which, Kristin, uses the energy of Usui Reiki for the attunement, but it’s not an attunement for Usui Reiki but rather a Psychic Attunement to awaken and open one’s intuition further. Kristin uses the Reiki symbols with the intention to remove blockages and increase one’s intuition with each clair (i.e. clairvoyance, clairsentient, clairknowing, claircognant, and clairgustience.).  After the attunement, she shares with the student what blockages she sensed and suggestions on how to work on increasing each specific clairs. Suggestions are personalized for each student.

Are there refunds? No, I’m sorry payments are non-refundable. There are no refunds. All Sales are final at time of purchase. By ordering and signing up for the course you’re making a commitment to yourself and the class that you will be responsible for showing up for class, submitting the assignments on time and participating.

What form of payment do I  accept? I accept payment through paypal.

Is the course accredited? Yes, the course has accreditation with the World Metaphysical Association and American Council of Holistic Healers.


“This was a wonderful course! I got to increase my abilities as well as learn new ones such as Aura readings. I’m more confident and it is all thanks to this course. I’ve met a lot of like minded people that shares the same passion. I would recommend this course to all. Thank you for being a great mentor Miss Kristin.”

Sothea KeoCertified Intuitive Counselor

“Kristin is such a genuinely loving and heart centered teacher. During the course I was introduced to what was mostly new content to me and I felt so supported and valued by Kristin in my learning. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to practice listening to my intuition in a safe and nurturing space. I loved my time in the course, thank you, and I dearly value your continued support in our community of graduates.”

AlisonCertified Intuitive Counselor

“Kristin is a wonderful teacher, very patient and helpful and willing to go the limit for each and every one of her students. Her classes are small but very affordable and you will not only be taking a class but changing your life as well. During the course of the class you meet new friends and discover things about yourself that you may have been unfamiliar with. This has been a very positive  life changing experience for me and I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to delve into their abilities more deeply. Thank you Kristin for sharing your time and talent with us and providing us with such wonderful experiences.”

DenellCertified Intuitive Counselor

“I can’t say enough about Kristin and this amazing course that she created! I have been purchasing readings from Kristin for years so when I found out she was teaching a course on Intuitive Counseling I knew I had to take it. Let me say first off that Kristin has the biggest heart and soul and gives so much of herself in all of her work. That is why I chose to take her class because I knew I would be getting not only a fantastic class but also her personal guidance and the pure loving energy that comes from her. The class is so much fun and eye opening!! I had no idea that I had so many gifts and never would have known had I not taken the class! Kristin helped me become much more brave, confident and intuitive than I ever thought I could be. This class truly changed my life! Thank you Kristin for being the mentor that I was looking for and being there for me every step of the way!”

KellyCertified Intuitive Counselor

“After taking this course I am able to look at my life in a different way. I’ve always had an interest in developing my intuition, but never knew where to start. With this course, Kristin teaches lessons step by step, making the process much less daunting, and very enjoyable. I was able to hone skills I never knew I had. Kristin not only teaches how to develop your intuition, she also gives you the confidence in your ability to use it. I would recommend this course to anyone, and I am extremely grateful that I decided to enroll. With all the doors that are opened because of this course, taking this class with Kristin was certainly worth it.”

KaylaCertified Intuitive Counselor

“Mrs Kristin’s courses and products will change your life for the highest good. She is extremely intuitive and is a great teacher and healer.  After taking her course, my life changed and I am able manifest positivity though my daily life, career and business. Mrs Kristin has taught me how to use our natural abilities and tap into the intuition  that we all have.  Her classes are flexible and very interactive, and she is great when it comes to feedback, questions and advice.  Cant wait to take another class with Mrs. Kristin M. Rodriguez :)”


“It was such a pleasure and huge surprise for me to participate in CIC course offered by Kristin Marie Rodriguez! I had never seen or talked to angelic/spiritual realm and had counted myself among those who don’t see/hear ‘them’. But, here I was successfully doing readings of all sorts: intuitively, angelic, even mediumship, pet and past lives etc. Credit goes to Kristin, for her non judgmental support and encouragement. She is a warm, genuine and solution-focused teacher who leads her students towards having courage and giving up doubts on their abilities. Our whole group received individual full attention, solutions and suggestions to uncover our intuitive gifts. I have taken a similar course from other teacher and got almost zero value. I won’t be exaggerating to mention that Kristin’s CIC course would give you immense value, new abilities and understanding of different modalities in this field. For family related reasons, I had to drop out in the middle of live course, but Kristin held my hand throughout the time, allowed me to complete rest of the course as a home-study course, continued to encourage me and remind me that I can do it and even gave me a generous time frame to complete the course. She very patiently and without pointing fingers or showing dissonance, guided me to corrections whenever I asked the same questions repeatedly. Highly recommended!!”


“Kristin’s lessons are very well detailed in how to go about doing each phase of it.  She is very kind in answering your questions through any part of the lesson.  I learned things I didn’t know about.  I loved the video’s she provides with each lesson.  It’s an added touch to what you are learning and continues to answer any question you might have during that week of lesson.  This course was money well spent!  Thank you Kristin.”

Darla Doyle

“Kristin comes with much praise and high recommendations. She delivers a beautiful angel reading filled with insight, love and possibilities. I especially enjoyed having the reading emailed to me. The video is most helpful, her gentle loving presence is felt as she reads the cards. I truly felt blessed after viewing my videos and receiving her readings. I also recommend her Reiki services! It has been one of the most powerful energy experiences I have had. She also has a great chakra balancing session. I could feel the healing energy and experienced shifts in my body as well as noticing more ease in my life. I am deeply grateful to Kristin for opening up the possibilities for me and my spiritual career. The Certified Intuitive Counselor course has opened up many opportunities for me. The course included many aspects of readings, self discovery, and a community of lovely like-minded people. It was a wonderful experience!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Certified Intuitive Counselor course.  Kristin is not only a gifted Intuitive and wonderful teacher; but one of the most beautiful souls I have met.  This course is so enjoyable, Your able to learn in a safe environment; her course work is beautifully written and easily understandable.  I feel like my intuitive abilities have blossomed since taking this course.  She gives you so much encouragement and feedback; a very hands on instructor.  I would recommend this course to everyone.”


“WOW! That’s the best way to describe my thoughts on this course. Kristin is a phenomenal, patient, wise and nurturing intuitive healer and teacher, and I am not the same person I was when I started this class. Kristin has shown me that it is safe to trust my intuition and the messages I am receiving – and she also provided us with a safe, loving space to practice these intuitive skills we all have and want to develop further. Kristin helps you every step of the way and emits a very positive, loving energy in all of her course material. KUDOS to you Kristin for creating such an amazing course, I am so thankful for this experience which was made possible because of you!”

Heather T.Certified Intuitive Counselor

” This is the first intuitive class that I have ever taken.  I have to admit that when I first learned of Kristin’s CIC Course I was intrigued but very scared because I didn’t know what to expect.  It took me a while to actually sign up for the class because of self-doubt but I did it…I signed up! And I have absolutely no regrets  Kristin did a very good job of organizing this course so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.  The class covered everything from tapping into your clairs, mediumship reading and most importantly how to care for yourself.  Each week we covered a specific topic and were paired up with someone to practice what we had learned.  Kristin always provided feedback or additional insights once we had posted our readings.  It was nice to also receive a weekly wrap up video which also provided great insights.  Through this course I have been able to trust my intuition and the messages that I am receiving.  It has opened up a whole new world for me and I am just loving it!   I have become more aware of what it is that I need and want in my life.  Slowly, I am learning that I am here for a greater purpose.  Thanks Kristin! You are amazing :)”

ClaudiaCertified Intuitive Counselor

“I feel blessed to have found you, which was through 2 of your alumni members, who spoke very highly of you. You personally and your course have added so much spirituality back into my life. I had almost forgotten what that felt like. I want you to know how much I appreciate your knowledge, your patience with me, and your assistance in any and all of my needs during this course. You have inspired me to continue as a CIC. Thank you for the additional support on a more personal level too. You and the ladies in the group have been extremely helpful. I’m sure his will continue as I become a member of your private group. Your continued support is most welcomed.”

Janet, New YorkCertified Intuitive Counselor

“Kristin’s classes are detailed and easy to follow.  There is no need to be afraid in stepping out of your comfort zone I did and it was the best thing I could have done.  Her course has given me the confidence to believe in myself. I had the abilities all along it was just that my mind was so busy that I couldn’t hear the messages coming through.  Kristin, broke it down and showed me how to recognize my gifts. Thank you Kristin. ”

Samantha, AustraliaCertified Intuitive Counselor

“I really enjoyed taking Kristin’s class! I was able to be exposed to more ways of communicating with spirits and clients than I ever knew! Kristin is  patient and kind and was always willing to answer my questions without making me feel silly. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have taken the class. I wish there was a second class!”

Michelle, TexasCertified Intuitive Counselor

“When I decided to enroll in Kristin’s Certified Intuitive Counselor course, I was looking for a Certification that encompassed all of the different and various methods I knew of, had read of and tried out in my already established  business of doing intuitive readings and tarot/oracle readings for clients.  I knew just enough about each subject to use it but wanted to go to that next level of a knowledge base and really hone in on and excel at a few of the methods, but wasn’t sure where to start.  Kristin’s course was laid of perfectly!  Very easy to use, she is prompt at posting course work, homework, feedback etc.. and the videos and blogs she posted were so helpful to pull in all of the previous course work and homework together!  The 8 week course flew by and we were busy the entire time! She creates a friendly, helpful and communicative environment which makes the class more “live” and interactive and it just seems to flow right along.  It was excellent! I now know exactly what to use in my current profession and a better way to integrate this info in for my clients! So grateful to Kristin for this awesome experience and would recommend it to anyone from beginner to expert! She covers all the bases!”


“Wow!  I’ve learned an amazing amount in this well thought out course!  Kristin is such a gifted, inspirational teacher.  You can feel her devotion to each student, always encouraging each student, and listening to each student’s individual needs.  I felt so guided and held and heard through-out this course.  What an honor to have learned from Kristin!  I thank my lucky stars!”

MalikaCertified Intuitive Counselor

“I already gushed all over the forum, but thank you again for putting together such a fantastic learning experience and being such a wonderful and supportive teacher. I can’t say enough good things about the course and all the positive changes it brought to me in both my spiritual and personal growth.  I was honestly sad knowing that the course was over, but overjoyed at the continued opportunities you provide with the alumni group. I’m very much looking forward to further progressing my skills and learning under your guidance. When I first went into this course I was nervous that I wouldn’t have success and didn’t have a lot of confidence in my abilities, but as the weeks went on, utilizing your teachings and feedback I feel confident that I have the power to pursue Intuitive Counseling even further. I owe so much to this course and am beyond grateful for your guidance and teachings as well as the overwhelming love and support from my classmates. I have truly seen myself blossom throughout the eight weeks and others around me have noticed a positive change. Thank you!”

Amanda, VirginaCertified Intuitive Counselor
  • Gain certification as a Certified Intuitive Counselor

  • Accelerated learning with Live 9 wk Online Course

  • Hands-on Support & Mentoring from Spiritual Teacher Kristin Marie Rodriguez

  • Interact with Classmates

  • Private Online Platform for discussions and questions

  • Receive the CIC Psychic Attunement

    Private, Personalized  Distant Energy Work Session with Kristin

  • Receive your Psychic Attunement Reading

    Explains what may be blocking your clairsense abilities and how to personally increase each of your clairs

  • Receive Blessing Candle Ceremony for Releasement

  • Receive a Crystal Grid Session for Increasing your Intuition

  • Free membership into the CIC Alumni Community after course completion for ongoing support.

CIC Live Online Course : 

Normally, students would have to pay in the 1,000’s for 1 lesson. Instead you’re getting multiple lessons in one complete course at an affordable rate for,

997, Payment in full and Save 200-300

Payment Plan Option 1:

299 once a month, for 4 months

Or, Payment Plan Option 2:

140, once a month for 9 months

All Spots for the October Class are filled. The next class will be in fall of 2018. I hope to see you there. You can join the 2018 waitlist here

Early Bird Bonuses:

Plus, if you sign up with the Live Course before September 24th, 2017, then you also get the additional Bonuses for Free below:

Motivational Affirmation Deck + Archangel Oracle deck (this deck is required for lesson 7)

Psychic Development Oil

Personalized Business Energy Reading or Psychic Development Reading

***Early Bird Bonuses Expire on September 24, 2017

Kristin Marie Rodriguez is the Founder of the Certified Intuitive Counselor® Course. She founded the course in 2011. She has been teaching her internationally renowned course to students throughout U.S., Canada, U.K. Ireland, Australia, Europe, etc. She has been featured in Blog Talk Radio, DailyOm, OmTimes, and Wild Sister Magazine.

She’s known for being very genuine, down-to-earth, trustworthy, loving, compassionate, and kind. She has a very easy-going and practical approach with her teaching techniques too.

Important Legal Disclaimer: None of the material in my Certified Intuitive Counselor® (CIC) Course can be copied, reproduced, or resold without written consent by Kristin Marie Rodriguez. If any attempt is taken of copying her course material, outline, videos, or mp3’s, then necessary legal actions will be taken against you.

Copying is not only legally wrong, but also karmically wrong, so don’t create bad karma for yourself, instead be your own Authentic self and don’t try to emulate other Spiritualists.

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