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How to Increase your Clairvoyance

Hey, Spiritual Beauties!

I get asked frequently by many of my followers on how to increase their clairvoyance?

There are many different factors that can play a part in blocking your clairvoyance as well as different techniques to implement to Really increase it further.

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I’m going to cover 6 different ways to increase your Clairvoyance.


  1. Cut back on Dairy: With clairvoyance, our pituitary gland can help us to see clearly. If we consume too much dairy it can cause calcification, thus clogging and blocking the third-eye. Causing it to become clogged, foggy, hard to see within or outer.If you are a Professional Reader, then I recommend minimizing dairy before working with clients, either that day or the night before. There are also alternatives to dairy such as almond, coconut or rice milk. If you’d like to decalcify the third-eye area, then I’d recommend consuming an organic, whole food vitamin.


  1. Reduce Animal by Products: This is especially important for Empaths. The more sensitive we become, the more we can begin to feel and be affected by the food we consume. I recommend minimizing a day or two before a reading. If needing to consume due to low iron or physical health issues, then look for Non-GMO protein.


  1. Clean Food: You want to consume organic food that’s non-gmo. Chemicals from processed food can cause us to become sick and create health issues in the physical body, but they can also block our intuition. Switch to clean food as much as possible.


  1. Lapis Lazuli: Hold or wear this stone when conducting readings or practicing opening and awakening your third-eye. You can also meditate with this stone, or lay with it flat over your third-eye chakra for receiving crystal healing for increased intuition and clairvoyance.


  1. Awaken your Third-Eye Chakra: Close your eyes and focus within. Then you want to visualize an Eye Opening. The eye you see is your own eye, the eye from your Spirit, your higherself. If you see the eye closed, then speak to it and ask it to open. Once awake and open you will start to see more of the truth around you, both for yourself and others.


  1. Exercise the muscle of Clairvoyance: Just as any other talent, skill or language, you have to practice with that skill-set to improve and strengthen it further. Each day, practice visualization. First, focus on an image like a flower or cup, then close your eyes and visualize each detail of the item, such as he colors and sizes. Secondly, while conducting a reading make sure to ask your Spiritual Team to show you the message, help you to see the message. Specifically, asking to receive the message through sight.


All my Love,


3 Easy Ways to Choose the Best Crystal for YOU

Each of us is unique in our own way. With that, we may work with a certain crystal more easily than others, or even be more sensitive to it.

First, think about what issue you want to resolve.  Take time to reflect on what desire or outcome you’re working on achieving or healing. Try to narrow this down to 1 word.

Second, what chakra is that one word desire or outcome associated with.

Third, choose the type and color crystal related to that chakra.

For Example,

Someone is trying to heal issues with the heart, whether heart health problems or emotional heart issues. Their one word would be “heart”.

This would be related to the heart chakra.

The color is associated with green or pink crystals. So ideal crystals would be rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, etc. Choosing the stone that feels right out of this variety.

The timing of working with a crystal may very. Some crystals may be for a few weeks or months, or life long companions. Always use your clairsentience, gut instincts and trusting what feels right.


Step 1: 1 Word Desire or outcome
Step 2: Chakra associated with the 1 word
Step 3: Color associated with that chakra

Results: Crystal Color and best crystal to work with at this time to heal, manifest, and achieve that desire.

Would you like to learn how to work with crystals more in-depth? Then, check out my crystal energy healer & crystal reader course. Click here

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What’s the Difference between a Predestined vs. a Desire Intuitive Messages?

Hello, Gorgeous!

I hope you are doing well and having a beautiful day.

Happy May and Mother’s Day! 🙂

You know, I get asked a lot from my students “What’s the difference between a psychic-intuitive message that’s predestined or a desire? ”

And I have to say, there’s a big difference.

You can Watch the Video Here:

Read Below:

First, a prediction is normally predestined.

This means that before the person incarnated they were predestined to be or have a specific experience.  Their soul came here to learn that lesson, so they can evolve.

For example, a person can be predestined to compete in the Olypmics, be a celebrity, be the president, etc. You may have heard before “They were destined to do great things” or “she was born for this.”

In those specific life experiences, they incarnated into this life for that specific life purpose. It was their destiny to pursue and accomplish those life goals.

Whereas with a desire, it’s not predestined, instead it’s affected by the person’s free-will and life choices.

The beautiful thing about free-will, though, is that the Creator gave us the free-will to make the right choice and decision while pursuing our destiny and life purpose.

I do believe that sometimes a person’s destiny (predestined message) can intervene with a person’s desire.

Meaning, sometimes to complete one’s destiny we’re able to use our free-will to co-create and manifest those changes and blessings more rapidly.

However, when a person receives a block with their desire, that’s normally when the desire is either, not a part of their destiny, more physical action is needed or cords need to be cut and detached from the desire and situation.

Normally, while conducting Intuitive Readings, my Spiritual Team will tell me if a message is predestined or if the client has the free-will to make changes for improvements. You should be able to sense this, too.

Here are some helpful tips so you can determine if a message is predestined or a desire:

Tip 1: Ask Your Spiritual Team- Communicate with your Spiritual Team and ask them if the messages you’re sensing is predestined or if the client can change circumstances with their free-will.

Tip 2: Sense Energy with your Feelings- Use clairsentience (your emotions and feelings). Notice if the message feels like it’s coming from the client’s heart-center or higher-self ?

If it’s coming from their heart-center, then it’s a desire.

Tip 3: Rise Above- Rise above the client’s energy to higher frequency and go directly to Source for clear guidance that’s unattached from the issue or desire.

Tip 4: Book of Life- This is an extra bonus. If you’d like to look at the client’s life lessons for this incarnation, then also review their book of life in their Akashic Records.

* Tips 1-3 can be done through an Intuitive Reading.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Have you had experiences with a predestined message vs. desire? If so, please feel free to share your experiences on below. I’d love to hear your stories! 🙂

Talk to you soon. Hugs.

Lots of Love,

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Counselor & Energy Healer
B.Msc., RMT

Increase your Intuition

Want to Increase your Intuition

Let’s Increase Your Intuition

How to awaken your clairvoyance and increase it further.


Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you are doing well and having an Amazing day. You know, I get asked by many students “how can I increase my clairvoyance?” Well, today, I would love to teach you a natural, holistic method for increasing and expanding your intuition while also getting the added benefit of increasing your clairvoyance too.

Are you Ready?

The first method that will help you with increasing your intuition further will start with your “Third- Eye Chakra.” That’s right,  focusing on your energy center that’s directly located near your mind’s eye and clairvoyance but also located near your Spirit and Higherself. So focusing on balancing, cleansing, healing, and maintaining (Yes, you have to do this regularly. It’s not a 1 time cleansing and healing.) your third-eye chakra will assist you with increasing your intuition and clairvoyance.  I highly recommend considering this method one of your staple items. It’s a simplistic tool to add to your spiritual tool box, whether for self-care or intuition.

Here are a few methods to assist you:

Visualization, Tapping, and Wear more Purple. I told you, easy, right! 🙂

Visualization: Practice using positive visualization. Focus on a photo, then close your eyes and visualize all of the details. Use your imagination to awaken and open your gift of intuition further.

Tapping: Use your two forefingers while tapping on your third-eye and stating “I intend to awaken, activate and open my third-eye chakra now. ” This is a quick method. Tapping for 1-2 minutes should be sufficient.

Wear more Purple: You can wear purple clothing, handbag, bracelet, necklace, nail polish, etc. Be creative and wear those items with intention. For example, before wearing state “I wear this purple nail polish with intention of increasing my spirituality further, to help me to increase my intuition and clairvoyance so I can trust my intuition more and see more of the truth. I am ready to see with my mind’s eye.”

I hope you found these techniques helpful. Many Blessings to you ! Namaste.

Love & Blessings,

I seen an Angel

I seen an Angel

Hi Intuitive Souls,


I’m sure you’ve heard of angels before. If not, they are “Messengers of God” also known as “Angelic beings.”

I can remember in 2007, when I was 9 months pregnant, during that time I was beginning to expand on my spirituality and intuition—really embrace it.

One day, I wasn’t feeling very well, and I can remember calling on my angels for healing. Then all of the sudden I saw this huge orb, as tall as a giant with vibrant pink rays illuminating. I saw the color getting bigger and bigger, standing right next to me. I then felt this wave of unconditional love come over me. I felt an immense amount of peace. And all of the sudden, the angel disappeared, and I felt better. It happened in matter of a few minutes, but felt much longer, as if time was frozen.

With this experience, I was visited by 2 Angels working side-by-side. They were Archangels Jophiel and Ariel. Archangel Jophiel is known for assisting with beauty and self-worth, but I also felt her healing me that day. While Archangel Ariel is a great manifestor. She helped me manifest my body into perfect health. Both of these Archangels worked together to send me angel healing.

Now, I’ve always talked to my angels and believed in them. They’ve always shown me signs and been there on every occasion where miracle healing, divine intervention and guidance were needed.

Did you know, that you can talk to your Angels and have the same experiences, too?

As I always teach, in all of my courses, everyone has the gift of intuition. In which, you too, can sense and communicate with your Angels on a daily basis for personal healing and growth.

In fact, I would like to teach you 3 tips to start working with and inviting the Angels into your life right now, whether you’re new to working with them or would like to strengthen and rekindle your relationship with your Angels.

Angel Communication Tools:

Belief and Intention: The first step is belief. Believe in your Angels and it will make it much easier to trust, hear, and receive guidance and support from them. Why is this? Because you have the gift of free-will, and with that gift, you have the free-will to believe or not, accept and receive help from your Angels, or not. It’s your choice.

So state an Affirmation: “I believe in my Angels. I invite them into my life now. It’s safe for me to communicate and talk to my Angels. I can see my Angels, just as others can, too.”

Ask for Signs: Communicate with your Angels daily, whether you speak to them mentally or outloud. They can be omnipresent. You’re never hindering or bothering your Angels. They are not ego-based, they come strictly from divine love and only want to help us with pure and good intentions.

You can begin communicating to your Angels by talking to them in the morning, while driving, while eating, while in prayer or meditation, etc. You can even journal and write to your Angels directly.

Speak to your Angels, just as you would a close friend or family member. You can ask them for assistance with minor or major tasks, from finding a parking space to getting a good job. There are no limits. Ask your Angels for assistance and ask them to show you signs towards the right path.

Ask to See: If you would like additional proof that they exist, then ask your Angels to help you see the truth around you. Ask your Angels to help you see their beautiful lit orbs and feel their presence. Ask them to help you feel at peace and have a positive, loving experience when you see them. They will answer your prayers and intentions.

Angel Blessings to you!

Love & Blessings,

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher

How to Stop Unhealthy Cycles in Your Family

{Family Karma} How to Stop Unhealthy Cycles in Your Family

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you are having a beautiful day. I want to share a story with you today…

Watch the Video Here:

See, it all started on my Mother’s side. If you follow my Family lineage it will date all the way back to my great-grandmother. I can recall her having so many love issues. She loved my great-grandfather dearly. She fell in love at a very young. But despite it all, he didn’t love or respect her in-return, not like she wanted or deserved.

I saw and heard of many stories where she was practically a single-mother. Raising all 8 children on her own. If she only knew how her actions and intentions, thereof, would trickle down to the generations following.

You see, her children (specifically) daughters, went on to marry, but would attract the same issues with men, as their mother did before them, in one way or another. That is, being a single mother, dead-beat husband and father to their children, etc. Then, their children would experience the same. Women in my family were having such a hard-time finding true, genuine, authentic love.

{This is known as Family Karma. Karma is defined as one’s intention, energy, and actions that can affect a person in their present, future, or past life. Karma is neither good nor bad, but neutral energy that will go to where it’s needed as an energy exchange. In which, the energy you put out with Karma is returned back to you, whether in this life or past life.

Now, besides having your own karma. You’re also born into shared karma of your family DNA.  Family Karma that is passed down from generation –to-generation, whether it be a trait, habit, or professional talent, or even family karma that relates to family addictions or patterns.}

I witnessed the cycle, the family pattern as a child. But I knew I never wanted to experience the pain and heartbreak as the women before me in my family.

-And I didn’t have to.-

And, neither do you. Can you relate? Is there family karma in your lineage that’s in need of healing? It can be related to any area money, health, job, career, children, marriage, love, etc.

If you see a cycle, the same pattern occurring again and again in your family, then know that you can do something about it.

Here are some tips for Healing Family, Shared Karma:

  • Cord-Vow Releasement: “Dear God, the Creator, from the Highest vibration of light, I call on you now, to help me cut all cords and vows from family shared karma, especially for any negative, addictions of _____(insert the unhealthy karmic issue). I give those emotions and experiences from my _____(name parent) and their_____(name mother or father’s side), to the Divine fully now, for transmutation and healing, replacing those emotions with _______(insert the positive, desired intent for healing). So it is. Amen.”
  • Mother Mary: Mother Mary is a miraculous healer. She can help to heal matters of the heart with family. To work with her, light a pink or white candle with a photo of her, keep fresh roses in the home, or rose oil. Then, speak to her from your heart, tell her how you would like to heal your family karma.
  • Declare Intentions to the Universe: Speak to the Universe. Tell the Universe that you’re ready to break any unhealthy cycles of addictions or patterns. That you’re ready to heal this shared karma for your family and promote healthier cycles. By being conscious of this energy, you can stop it from progressing forward to the generations following.
  • Release and Send love to the Past: Visualize those past experiences, then see them having a happy and peaceful ending. Next, send the emotions of unconditional love from your heart-center, to those experiences. Love is a very powerful. Love can heal all.

Do you want to take it a step further with healing your Family Karma? Then, check out my Online workshop this month http://kristinmarierodriguez.com/heal-your-family-karma-workshop/

Be the Healer for your Family. Stop unhealthy cycles, so they don’t continue in the generations following. I did. I can recall my first relationships similar to my great-grandmother, but then I used the above exercises and found true, authentic love. I’ve been with my soul-mate ever since. And it has been a truly blissful and amazing experience! 🙂

Love & Blessings,

Kristin Marie Rodriguez
Spiritual Teacher

Manifesting Money Quickly & Easily

Top 4 Secrets to Manifesting Money Quickly & Easily

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you’re having an Amazing day. Summer seems to be flying by here in the Northern Hemisphere. I can already feel fall in the air and fast approaching.

Today, I want to share with you some of my top secrets that I use for manifesting and co-creating Big money in my life. Shh…These are my top secrets. Trust me, these are fast and effective techniques. But also very easy to use and non-invasive.

Are you ready?

Secret # 1: Daydream—You can actually manifest through positive visualization. With this technique, you’re tapping into the energy of the Universe through your mind’s eye of imagination, imagery and dreams.
To begin find a quiet place to sit and relax. Then sit or lay in a comfortable position, close your eyes and I and want you to daydream. Visualize yourself. See your spirit. See your happiest version of yourself.

Next, see your spirit dressed in a green money dress (if you’re a man, then a green dress suit).  See this dress looking abundant and rich. See and feel the energy of wealth surrounding you. See thousands of dollar bills (or desired currency, i.e. euros, pounds, etc.) all over your dress, hanging off your skirt and blouse. Twirl and smile with your money dress.

Then, see dollar bills absorbing to this dress and surrounding you with wealth. At this time, you can also speak to these dollar bills. Tell the energy of the dollar bills how you would like to receive money from them, whether it’s with a promotion, increase in clients, selling a book, selling a product, etc.

From there send love to the image and go about your day.

{You can do this daydream visualization exercise as many times as you like through the week, no more than a few times a week.}

Secret # 2: Dream Board Time Clock— Create a Money Dream Board Time Clock.

To create a money dream board you will need the following items:

  • Poster Board or Construction paper
  • Images and phrases the represent your money goal, such as cash, new house, vacation, career advancement, affirmation, intention, etc.

First, draw a round clock on construction paper, then I want you to write on top the season of the year you want these goals to manifest.

Next, include photos and phrases of your money goal.

From there, include at the bottom “This or Something Better Manifests for me in the Highest Good now.”

Watch this video to see me walk you through the steps and receive a visual example:


Watch the Video: http://youtu.be/z6-0gbOK5pk

Secret # 3: Money Affirmations— Try to say these affirmations for 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening for 5-7 days consecutively, and watch the positive effects of affirming money affirmations.

Money Affirmations:

Money Loves Me

My Income is Increasing

Money comes to me Easily

There’s more than enough to go around

My income increases daily

I attract money unexpectedly

I am a Money Magnet

I am Rich, Wealthy, and Abundant

I love Money

I am an Abundant being

I Manifest Money Easily

I have a healthy relationship with Money

Secret # 4 Candle work— Use the energy of candles to attract more Wealth and Money to you.

What you will need:

To begin, first hold the green candle in your hands and state “The Creator, of all that is, I ask you to cleanse my money candle. Please remove any lower vibrations in this candle and bless it with positive, abundant energy now.”

Next, write at the top of the candle, what your money goal is. Try to focus on one goal. It doesn’t have to be legible. Just write your intention to the Universe.

From there, rub a few drops of money oil on the side of your candle. Then, hold your candle and visualize your money goal.

Place your candle in the candle holder or candle plate, light the candle and state “I light this candle with the intention of ____(state your money goal).

Thank you. Amen.” Let the candle burn through. If you have to blow it out, then use a candle snuffer and state thank you. You can relight with the same intention. By lighting the candle, the flame in the candle is bringing your wish to the Heavens (i.e. sending your wish to the Universe. )

Happy Money Manifesting!! 🙂





Spiritual Teacher

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Maintain your Spirituality during the Summer

4 Helpful Tips to Maintain your Spirituality during the Summer

Hi Intuitive Souls,


Happy Summer Solstice! 🙂 Yay! It’s Summer! Time for fun in the sun, beach, barbeques, fireworks, camping, watching  Witches of Eastend (hope season 2 is as good as the first one :), The Haunting of… with Kim Russo, and Keeping up with the Kardashians.
Summer does bring a time of rejuvenation, rest, and fun. But it can be a bit overwhelming when we take so much time for others, especially if you’re a Mom with the kid’s home for the summer school break. You know, what I’m talking about. 🙂 We may put ourselves on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


 “We can have Balance. We can have the Best of both worlds.”


So please, let’s not forget to nourish our own Spirit’s this summer. And to support you with that. I have 4 helpful tips to help you maintain your spirituality during the fun, summer months.

Tip #1– 5 Minutes: It truly only takes 5 minutes a day. Really, that’s all you need to take time to reconnect and re-energize to your spirituality. I recommend trying to take 5 minutes either before waking up in the morning or late in the evening. Personally, I like to keep my mp3 near (you can play a guided meditation, mantra, affirmations, etc.) my bed, so I can listen to it early in the morning for 5 minutes, or even keep my prayer book near my bed so I can read a prayer before the family wakes-up. You can also take a morning or evening walk for 5-10 minutes in nature. Nature helps to ground and re-center your spirit, which helps to bring in clarity and raise your divinity to a higher consciousness.


Tip # 2 Shower Power: If you’re really crunched for time. Then, I recommend this quick and effective exercise. While taking a shower, visualize the water as white light energy. Visualize the water representing the white light and washing away any lower vibrations and renewing your spirit with positive energy. You can also visualize this white light energy (representation from the water) protecting and cleansing you for the day.


Tip #3 Call on your Spiritual Helpers: If you feel like you’re finding it hard to make time for spirituality during the summer, then call on these 3 Amazing helpers, the “Angel of Balance, Archangel Metatron, and Goddess Kali.” All three can help as your motivational spiritual helpers. They will help to increase your energy and stamina to work on projects and/or spirituality, as well as help you to have enough time, money, energy, etc, whatever resource you may need. Just state, ” Today, I call on the Angel of Balance, Archangel Metatron, and Goddess Kali, from the highest vibration of light, I ask that you help me to take time daily for my spirituality, but that you also assist with____(insert a specific desire). Thank you.”  Try to state this early in the morning.


Tip #4 Sneak it in: Here’s another time cruncher, or rather saver. 🙂 You can take time to balance your chakras with your food. For example, if you are eating a green salad for lunch, then the color green coordinates with your heart chakra, so you can state “I eat this green salad with the intention of rebalancing and clearing my heart chakra now.” Then eat your salad and enjoy the wonderful energy.


Remember, everything is with intention. So try to set the Best intention each day to receive the most benefits.





Kristin Marie Rodriguez

Spiritual Teacher
B.Msc., RMT



Bonus Goody: Check out my monthly Video Reading. My gift to you. Enjoy! 🙂


Watch July’s Monthly Forecast Video :

Here’s the direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS9N83tWmVA&list=UUhwOvr0acqSA9j4r5syL_ug
Enjoy! 🙂

                                      Wishing you a Fabulous July with many expected & unexpected blessings!! 🙂

I had a Dream last night

I had a Dream last night…..

Hi Intuitive Souls,

I have been having many vivid dreams a few nights in a roll. I think what makes these dreams so amazing is that they’re from the same person, or rather pet. See, I lost my poodle Bianca last September. We had her since she was 6 months old, and she passed around 11 ½ years old. We shared a very special-bond and close relationship. That even after spirit, she comes to visit me. In fact, the day she passed, she was very ill. I was extremely stressed about her well-being, so while she was at the Doctor’s I decided to take some time for relaxation to give me peace of mind. I got out my yoga mat and began to do yoga. Towards the end of my yoga session, I was lying in corpse pose when all of the sudden I saw a clairvoyant image of her, clear as day. I saw her with this gold and white light, very vibrant light. She spoke and told me “Mom, I have to leave now. I’m going with Jesus.” Then, I saw Jesus standing behind her, but his light was so pure, it was very hard to see him in detail. She looked at me happily, with smiles, wagging her tail. I said, “Okay.” Then, the image went away. I stood up. I tried to rationalize the experience. I told myself. Please tell me that was my imagination. I then called the Veterinarian’s office. They confirmed her passing…


It has been over 9 months since I’ve heard from her. Now I keep having these vivid dreams of her. She comes to me in great detail letting me feel the weight of her body as I hug her and pet her fur. Smiling happily and wagging her tail. It’s such an honor and blessing to have those special visits of her in my dreams.



Which brings me to my question? Have you had any special visits in your dreams from departed loved ones? Please know they are real and do exist. No matter how much we try to rationalize it from our ego-mind perspective. Trust me Spirit is Real. And these experiences do exist and are possible.

Different Types of Dreams:


  • Fear Releasement Dreams: With this type of dream, you my notice some of your deepest fears come-up. You may feel scared or fearful. You may sense your heart racing or pumping. And have this sense of fear come over you. But not to be alarmed, we have this type of dream as a clearing, to remove any fears that may be causing blockages in our life.
  • Prophetic Dreams: This type of dream is normally very vivid and real, as if you’re there in the moment in time. You may also see the exact messages in the dream manifest and occur in the wakening life. Good or bad. These are mostly warning dreams to prepare us for a life lesson to come.
  • Astral Dreams: You may have an OBT (Out of Body Experience), you may sense your spirit out of your physical body. You may have dreams of flying above a bed, over someone or a land. You may sense your spirit traveling to the Akashics, other realms, different moments in time (past lives or helping someone on earth), etc.
  • Visits from Departed Loved Ones: You may receive messages from your loved ones, sense them sending their love through smiles, hugs, kisses. They may even come to you with guidance and support.
  • Symbolism Dreams: These are metaphorical dreams, not literal. In which you have to decode the symbols in the dream to find the true meaning. For example, someone hurts their eye. It can relate to someone not seeing the situation clearly, having to remove the blinders and fog to see more of the truth in their waking life.

***Please feel free to share and post your dream experience (s) below. I would love to hear from you and your experiences.


Am I Psychic

Am I Psychic?


Why is it so taboo to say that word “psychic.” The truth is everyone is Psychic to some degree. We were all born with this gift called intuition. Some people completely turn it off or some choose to listen to it more than others.

The gift of intuition is an innate ability that was given to us from the Divine to use as a compass and guide us here on Earth, with life. During pre-historic times “we as humans” used this gift of intuition to sense danger or predators, using it for basic needs of survival.

Now with more modern times, we use it in many different ways that we may not be aware of. We use the gift of intuition as Mothers’ Listening to our inner “mother’s intuition,” sensing whether our child is in danger, needs help, has concerns, etc. We use it as Business Executives and Fashion Designers, tapping into the right-side of the brain to think of innovative, creative solutions—listening to one’s intuition to think of new ideas or make a decision by what feels right. Even Scientists have used the gift of intuition to help them with major breakthroughs and discoveries.  For example, Albert Einstein used to take time to receive intuitive messages through his dreams. He would go to sleep for inner guidance and suggestions for his work, seeking guidance from the Divine through the spirit world.  And then, we have Intuitive Counselors who take it a step further, using intuition to help others through conducting many different styles of readings. These are just a few examples, but we use the gift of intuition every day, whether for our personal lives or professional.



To help you determine, if you’re receiving intuitive messages, here are a few ways we receive intuition:

Four main Clairsense natural abilities:

  • Clairknowing (a.k.a. claircognant):  With this sense, you may know something before it happens, in which you may often use the phrase “I knew that was going to happen. I just knew it.” You may have taken time to validate that inner-knowing, or rather brushed it off, only later to found out your intuition was right.


  • Clairsentient: With this sense, you may feel messages, such as getting a strong emotion. For example, you may use the phrase “this doesn’t feel right, or I feel I should.” This sense may cause you to feel anxiety, have sensitivity or nerves more than others, before making a major decision, or when around a lot of people (you’re sensing others emotions, not yours). Does it feel right to you? Your body sends you messages through your feelings.


  • Clairvoyance: With this sense, you may see things with your physical eye or in your mind’s eye, also known as daydreaming. With your physical eye, you may see reoccurring numbers throughout your day on license plates, billboards, newspapers, etc. You may see the same colors or images come-up as coincidence.  You may also see images while meditating, daydreaming, or sleep-state; whereas the very advanced clairvoyants, will see images in physical form such as angel orbs, spirits, and auras. The phrase “I see” is used often as a form of expression.
  • Clairaudience: With this sense, you may hear messages either hear messages from the lyrics in a song, hear a message while overhearing a conversation, or even actually hear a spirit guide or loved one speak to you. You may even hear sounds of things moving or someone being there, but then go to look and see nothing there.  The phrase used often for this sense is “I hear.”

And if you feel like you are not receiving or are blocked, then take time to clear your intuitive channel—Prayer and Meditation work Best. When you have peace in your heart it’s easier to be receptive to hearing guidance from your own intuition.

What ways are you receiving intuitive guidance? Please feel free to share your intuitive experiences you’ve had in your life



~Kristin Marie Rodriguez


photo credit: Rainbowlarium via photopin cc

photo credit: Mara ~earth light~ via photopin cc