~Positive Feedback—Testimonials~

 Please read what people are saying about my services, that is reiki sessions, intuitive readings, pet readings, angel readings, etc.
I’ve been receiving such wonderful positive feedback, that I would like to share it with you. 🙂

“I’ve had a few readings from Kristin.  Every time I receive the readings, they always amaze me!  Her readings not only resonate with me, but they also fill me with a great deal of confirmation and guidance.  There’s a reason why I’m drawn to Kristin and her work.  Her energy is wonderful, and her gifts are truly a blessing!  If and when you feel drawn to Kristin yourself, just know that you will not be disappointed.  Thank you, Kristin!  May you continue to share your gifts with the world.  =)   – Y “

“Oh my goodness, Kristin, the readings you sent to me are stunning. Days before I contacted you I asked St. Raphael to help in healing a family member, it seems he knew that I needed him also. The personal messages referred to such specifics in my life now, that I can only believe the angels are here and know me very personally. Thank you thank you thank you, and God bless you and your good work.”—Toni M.,

“Kristin, First off, many thanks to you for my past life reading! This was my first time ever purchasing something like this and I found it very insightful and quite interesting! There were a number of strange coincidences throughout that were just amazing to make a connection with.  You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve already shared your talents with a few family, friends, and co-workers who are interested in obtaining a reading themselves. I am already wanting to purchase another reading myself (and might do so before the weekend) 🙂 “—-Amanda R

“Hey Kristin, I always enjoy getting readings from you and I have to say out of all the readings I have had with you this one takes the cake!  I have been feeling led to do healing work lately; I’ve been reading some books on non-traditional healing, so thank you for that message.  I also Have been wanting to take another trip to the beach, so me and my brother will be taking a trip soon.  I want to say a big thank you to you and the record keepers for the information to my last question.  I love her so much and when I started reading the answer to that question I become very emotionally overwhelmed.  So thank you for that.
It’s always such a blessing to have a reading from you and to talk to you so thank you, thank you, thank you for this reading.”–Stacy

“Hi Kristin, Thank you so much for the quick response.

Your reading really confirmed a lot of what I have felt about my life so far.  I try to help in any way I can, and people always come to me for help/advice (even if I don’t want them to, LOL!).  I seem to have an aura about me where people just come up to me to talk.  I can’t stand in line at a store without someone talking to me.  A friend once told me I have “Scorpio eyes”, which she explained had to do with my astrological reading.  Something was in Scorpio when I was born, which makes people comfortable with me, therefore I hear all kinds of stories.  I seem to be a people magnet, which I don’t mind except when I want to be alone.  🙂

Your reply to my “living single” question was super!  I am the most independent person I know, and have never been someone who enjoyed being told what to do by a partner.  Once they get possessive or bossy, I’m gone.  And I have always said that if I got married, we’d have to live in separate houses. You hit that right on the nail! It’s funny, but even as a little girl I never imagined my wedding, or planned the ‘dream wedding’ like my friends did.

As to my last question, I do feel I have more of a calling towards service.  The last decade was spent taking care of my parents (both are gone now), which I feel in my soul was the most important thing I had to do in this lifetime.  Now I seem to be the cat rescuer in the neighborhood.  I’ve always been a cat person, and they always know where to find me.  Hmmm, maybe that is why I’m not married.  LOL!

Thank you so much for another fantastic reading!”–Yvonne

“Honestly, I loved everything about this course. I loved the diversity in it, working with both people and animals. It was enthralling to continue on my journey to learn more about natural healing, our “ helpers “ and believe it has been a great tool to truly open up the third eye and see beyond the normal. This course truly teaches a person to go more in depth, on a journey, beyond the physical world and see that there is so much more. It truly gets to the core of what I see and feel as opening your own “ magnetic field “ so that you can create the life you have always wanted, while helping others as well. “—Melissa Grant–Alumni Reiki Student

“WOW!!!! This is such a beautiful reading that it made my heart sing!!!! It is exactly what I hope to do with this program. I love kids  and feel that they are in dire need of direction. They are also in need of  knowledge about topics they do not learn about in school …but they are topics & situations that they encounter in everyday life. I am excited and grateful about your reading and especially grateful to Spirit for sharing the guidance to  move forward. I am sooooooo glad I met you  : ) I have some planning & research to do and will  definitely be in touch with you for future readings. You have been a great help to me and I feel blessed that God lead me to you!!!!! Have a blessed day. ~Diane xoxoxoxoxo    : ) ”


“Kristin, is a fantastic reader. She accurately pinpoints where you’re at and where you’re heading. She’s direct and to the point. Thank you so much for your reading. I was really impressed with what you ‘knew’ about me and really thrilled with how ‘spot on’ you were.Thanks for letting me know what angels to seek help and guidance from. I will definitely recommend Kristin, to others
Thanks again. Larry “

“I received so much from my angel reading, thank you Kristin. Your gentle, grounded guidance is hugely reassuring and the timing perfect. I cried tears of gratitude the first time I watched the video, it is such a comfort to know I am being guided and taken care of. I have since watched it several more times, taking something different away each viewing! Some of the things you shared confirmed what I already knew or had a hunch about and some things were new and very helpful, particularly around justice. I especially like your new video format, it feels personal and ‘live’. Thanks again. xx”–Alison Joy, Australia

Kristin, thank you for such a wonderful Reiki session and intuitive reading!  Although what I felt during the session was very subtle, the week since my treatment has given me many positive changes in my well-being. Usually I am somewhat of a worrier, but each day since my session, I’ve felt more at ease than I have in years! I have a general sense of peace, and feel more self-love. I’m really impressed with the difference one short session has made on my mental and emotional health. Also, the intuitive reading was super accurate! Everything you said resonated with me and was very reassuring to hear. Thank you so much! Sincerely, Emily”

“WOW! You got it to me early. Thank you! OMG Kristin, this reading is DEAD ON!!! I do have a strong connection to the sea. I was actually thinking of making a little tribute to the sea in my room…a glass bowl filled with sea glass, shells, stones, etc. Yemaya happens to be one of my favorite Yoruba goddesses. I  was planning on purchasing the mermaid oracle cards. Nooow, about the clairs- SO COOL! When I was younger, and even now, I was always able to understand things without even knowing the full story. I have always gotten impressions of people before they even said a word to me. When someone has bad intentions, I know right away as I feel either uneasy or even angry. The clairvoyance I believe to be so true. I get visions all the time. When you said I brush off the messages I get, you’re right. I think I’m just making it up or that it’s nothing. I tend to be analytical and over think things sometimes. Thank you so much Kristin!!! I will be getting another reading soon :D”–Saiedah Rose, New York

“Good evening Kristin, I just wanted to tell you personally that your reading was spot on.  I have been feeling like i’m  going to fast and doing to much, and that i need to take time to rest.  I was diagnosed with anxiety in January and i’m on medication for 4 months.  I have been exploring different ways and trying to use different affirmations to keep calm and let things go.  I’ve discovered just this week that mala beads help me focus more on my affirmations and they’ve really helped.This reading was truly a blessing and a reassurance that the heavenly angels are helping me. Thank you so much!”– Stacy, N.C.

“WOW. i’m sitting here staring at my reading, because you were so DEAD ON with everything! i have been studying witchcraft, especially with divination, again after a long break from my practice. and i have recently developed an interest with both crystals and healing, and have started working with clear quartz and rose quartz to learn their properties and feel their energies more.thank you, without knowing you’ve confirmed that i’m on the path i should be spirituality after a lot of self doubt. You have an amazing talent, thank you so much for sharing your light with the world!” ~ Bethany, California


“I highly recommend Kristin for a past life reading or angel forecast. Kristin’s intuitive ability is amazing. My husband and I have had several past
life readings and I also received a 3 month angel forecast. Her readings have truly resonated with me and I feel like I’ve been able to connect more with
myself. Everything that she has communicated with me has had relevance to my life in some way and I often re-read her readings to reflect even more. I truly believe in her spiritual abilities and I look forward to using her again in the future. I found her on Etsy and felt immediately drawn to her and she has changed my life in many ways to help me gain better perspective of my soul. She told me that I needed to really set my intentions for what I want over the next three months related to my career and I’m putting that energy out there so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. Thank you so much for the readings! Many blessings!”  ~ D – Michigan


Kristin is a true spiritual guide with amazing intuition. Every reading I’ve had from her has been 100% accurate, helpful and even therapeutic. The readings were worth every penny, and I even told her she should charge more – being that she is so incredibly gifted and helpful. Thank you, Kristin for all your wonderful guidance! I’ll be going to her for these sort of services as a loyal client. ~ Charissa


It has always been a pleasure to work with Kristin. She has wonderful, sincere energy and her intuitive abilities are amazing. I was first drawn to her on Etsy and felt an instant connection. Kristin gives clear, accurate readings. Her ability to connect with angels and guides insures that the information is for your greatest good. She gives free inspiring affirmations on her facebook page that i cant wait to do EVERYDAY!!!I have purchased her readings, MP3s and just recently her Reiki manuals and have been very delighted by all of my experiences using her services.Thank you Kristin for all that you have done for me!!I cant wait to see where Reiki will take me and i know that you will be with me every step of the way!!” Kelly, Iowa


“Hi Kristin, Wow – thank you so very much for your wonderful reading!!! 😀 I can tell  you, I definitely feel very reassured by your insights, and the advice is fantastic – you’re totally right about needing to make time for my spirituality, I’m a Buddhist and I struggle to find time to chant but when I do, like you picked up, it’s very calming and absolutely the right thing for me to do for my nerves 😀   So much of what you said was completely true – I now feel a lot more positive and excited rather than scared, thank you ever so much! 😀 I will definitely follow your advice, it’s so lovely to know that I’m not alone during this time and that the goddesses are looking out for me and helping me! 😀 Thank you so much again, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will definitely be back again for many more of your amazing readings 😀
Take care and all the best”  Mandi, U.K.


“I am so lucky to have found Kristin. I first found her on Etsy and was blown away by her past life readings that she did for me and my hubby. Her readings are so comforting and full of insights that I keep referring to it. She is also my Reiki teacher and this course has been a life changing experience for me. Her Reiki attunements are so powerful and the course materials are very informative and interesting. I don’t know what I would have done without you Kristin. Thank you so much for everything:)” Leon, India

“Thank you so much for your reiki healing session last week. I felt very relaxed and more optimistic as the session began. I was sitting down along the beach as you had described and I know there had been several blockages removed from tension or life’s perils as you will, come through my body. I do wish to continue these reiki sessions down the road with you – it’s imperative that a healthy mind set and healthy body are the keys to success and moving forward, thank you for your kindness and contant prayers. Blessings, Diane” Diane, Hawaii”I won a free reading from Divine Healing Center fan page on facebook. I chose the pet reading because I was having some issues with my dog Jack. He had been having some “health” issues that my veterinarian and I couldn’t figure out. After I got my reading from Kristin it cleared up a lot of the issues I was having with Jack. I gave Reiki to a few of my crystal quartz stones and placed them in his kennel, per Kristin’s suggestion. Things have been going really well since I got my little insight to Jack. I am able to be a better mom to him and also a more responsible pet owner! Anyone who needs insight should contact Divine Healing for a little peace and clarity!Thank you again for everything! Shea !” Shea,  Oklahoma


“Hi Kristin- I just had to write to send you a huge “thank you” for such a great reading.  I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect, but your work has far exceeded any of my expectations.  I cannot begin to tell you how many accuracies you hit right on.  I have probably read the reading you did for me at least 10 times now…and each time I reflect a little bit more.  I really have been working on a lot of the suggestions you gave me.  I have become quite aware now of how blocked my sixth chakra really was…to be honest with you a lot of the times I second guess any guidance I may be receiving because I always tell myself it’s just all in my head.  I need to stop ! 🙂  I’ve been making an effort to really open up more. Also, much appreciation to you for sending out the recommendation for calling on the romance angels.  I’m just coming out of a (long, tough!!) 7 year relationship.  I will take all the help I can get! All the best- Shelly ” Shelly, Kentucky


“My dear Kristin, I was blown away. Your reading sends chills down my spine. My favorite pastime is to do Italian crossword puzzles that I have sent from Italy while having a cup of coffee!!!!! I also must tell you that I have been pushing a friend of mine to write and we have been taking writing classes together. “Mentor”Lastly, this is truly amazing, I have been thinking about teaching at adult centers how to start an animal rescue group and all that it involves.I was truly stunned by this reading and feel that you truly connected with me. Kristin, you are so talented and wonderful.  I am so grateful to have found you, on etsy no less! Have a wonderful fall. I will be in touch again for more readings. You have made my day! 🙂 ” Claudia,  MA


“Hi Kristin, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Both readings were beautiful! Shelby’s was exactly what I needed to hear, to know she is now in Heaven and living the good life again. Just getting the last messages to her helped my heart tremendously.  And Princess, well she is definitely that! LOL  Very helpful guidance from her and I will find a way to let her play outside some.  We will also be getting a checkup on her stomach.  It’s a precious treasure to be able to get these messages from our furry friends and so helpful in creating a better life for all of us.  You are truly remarkable! Thank you again!!!! “Brenda, Michigan


“I had the most adorable little 6 pound Pom-a-poo for almost 15 years. My darling Corky was one of the greatest loves of my life. April 1, 2005 I had to put my beloved little girl down. For anyone who has loved an animal you know how heart wrenching that is! Then I found Kristin’s Divine Healing Shop. I purchased a deceased pet reading. Kristin was so accurate I KNOW she has communicated with my little dog. Because of my reading I have a peace that Corky really is okay. That a very dear friend of ours who has also crossed over is watching over her. If you have suffered such a loss, do yourself a favor and get a reading with Kristin as she truly IS an angel!” Pam, New York


“Hi Kristin,Thank you for sending Reiki to both my dogs. They were both so accurate for each dog’s personality. My older, intelligent and loyal lab is so close to my heart, and I cannot describe the comfort I felt to be hearing words directly from his soul. What you saw,heard,and felt was exactly what I would expect to learn if Linus just started speaking to me one day. His reading and healing felt comforting and validating, especially since my family wants to enjoy all of the remaining time he has left with us. Hazel’s reading was just as informative and full of different energy. She is my younger dog and full of sweet, curious life. She has had a few training issues that have been confusing to us (and to her, as it turns out!). I’m relieved to know how to gently reassure her that she IS a good dog and that I see how hard she is trying to learn. Seeing her on a spiritual level helps us see another perspective, and raise compassion. You captured each animal’s essence so clearly and I’m grateful for your obvious gifts. Thank you for sharing your abilities with me.” Mollie


” Hello Kristin, Wow, this morning when i got your email, it made some odd experiences last night clear. Around the time of the healing i woke up with this incredible feeling of calm, it was startling how present and relaxed i felt. Your reading really hit me hard. My daughter is very important to me and i struggle with trying to be a better parent and person for her. Money and time have been such a huge issue as of late. My Dad watches my daughter during the week, so i stay with them at their house (they live about 45 min, away from where i live with my husband.) You saw that my parents may have or that I wanted to pay my parents. I think it may be coming more from me. I would love to pay them something per month. I want to contribute to the household.The conversation that you saw in the car really hit me. I feel my husband and I are so separate financially right now and i am really trying to get us on the same page and get us together. You saw the conversation I have been having with him for quite a few months now. it has been so difficult to get him to comply. I almost don’t know what to do any more. As a teenager i used to walk a lot and think and pray. It was on those walks that I prayed to meet my husband. I really don’t do that  any longer and it makes sense that i would need to get back to that. I cannot believe you picked up on my teeth…i really need to go to the dentist. I have a cracked molar that have put of fixing for the last 3 1/2 years.
I felt very lost lately, like i got off track. I never had a clear idea of what I should be doing. I hear the suggestions of the angels, but then i doubt them. i really want to be independent in my life, so i can take care of my family. I just realized i had to be the leader in my family. The reading all makes a lot of sense. Thank You, I feel better and really look forward to weeks ahead.” Desiree, California


“Thank you Kristin. I will print and read carefully during the next days…some things made great sense, especially about work and personality. During the session i felt feelings of sinking and flying. in a way similar to the deep relaxation after yoga. I am not spiritual as such, never looked into what i believe or feel really about this matter… but do believe in energy and the power of thought, even self suggestion, so some things were extremely helpful to make me focus on what i can do mentally and emotionally.As for the baby, even though i am not optimistic really, i am very open to the possibility and believe if it meant to happen it will. i liked the blue room because my partner has two grown girls and i would love to give him a boy 🙂 also, my relationship is great as it is, but having a family would also change the shift from the past lives we had to the present and that would make me calmer and more giving.work was spot on. and going with the flow of life is something i am better at since new year. trying for less stress more wisdom and calmness. they joke and call me zen 🙂 Thanks again. i will definately be back sometime soon 🙂 Jess” Jessica, Greece


” Kristin, Thank you SO much for the really helpful reading!  You’re completely right on about my stress and fatigue and I appreciate the directives.  I’ve been looking into hiring an assistant for the past couple of months waiting for the right time when I wouldn’t be doing so much business traveling and would have more to put into it all here.  I just got back from my final business trip for this one company I’ve been contracting for over the past 3 years and am planning to now: 1.  Get my body; mind; heart; spirit back into balance 2.  Pursue building my business locally 3. And like you say: Let go and Let God in terms of being successful with Number 1 and Number 2. I appreciate your insights, your blessings and your prayers. I’m delighted to pass your name along to friends and will probably contact you in the future for myself as well! All the best, Elizabeth” Elizabeth, Colorado


“Hi Kristin, Wow, wow and wow. What an amazing ability you have! I don’t know where to begin. First, thank you very much for the incredibly detailed reading!!! You were correct about the forest green and white colors around me. This is a first that I’ve been told I have Angelic quality. I have very long brown hair and I’m pretty certain that the short haired lady is my mother. She was a smoker, but sat more lady like, and would always dominate the conversation. And I am extremely sensitive too. Not just to words and criticism, but to foods as well and other peoples thoughts and energy. And my husband has even been saying that I’m more sensitive than usual and that I don’t need any upsets or negative energy at the moment. I totally agree with you about the metaphysical reasons for not hearing. It is just so weird that my tinnitus should start up when I want to try to hear something, like straining to hear a duck quacking in the distant. I believe that my hearing loss started when I was little because I didn’t want to hear my mother shouting or even just speaking to me. I wanted to block it all away. The doctors say that my hearing loss is like that of an 80 year old, I’m just loosing my hearing faster. I was 6 when they found out I have this hearing loss. And one for my favorite books is You can Heal your life, but admitingly not looked at it recently. I just looked up tinnitus and it said something about refusal to listen to inner voice. That is so cool. My therapist and I have worked very hard on this issue. I love all of your suggestions and recommendations. I’m going to start my affirmations and asking my Angels.Thank you so very much for everything. This was an absolute treat! I’m still blown away by it all. The things that you ‘picked up on’ validates what I have thought. Sometimes it is good having another perspective on things.I wish you all the best with your business, and hope to cross paths again.cheers. Karen” Karen,   Nova Scotia


“Dear Kristin, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HEALING & READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, your little surprise came at such a good time and I was having such a black couple of days and was praying that something would shift and lift the cloud I was under! I have so much feedback for you, not that Im sure you need validation for your amazing skill but I know that sometimes its nice to make sense of the messages you are giving too 🙂 Over all your reading was VERY accurate and you have articulated so many things that are buzzing in my heart and head, and only things I have shared with my yogi. The reiki session for me was particularly powerful and I really felt a shift in my heart (and a very warming sensation there also which was very much welcomed!!). thank-you again so much for this lovely act of kindness and I very much hope we can stay in touch! thanks again, Marion ” Marion,   India


“I was very excietd about trying out the Money Reiki Service with Kristin. I am very aware of Reiki as I practice it myself and have taken Level 2. I had never tried this aspect of Reiki and so was intrigued about it and had to find out! I was not aware of any tangible feelings of the reiki as I hadn’t requested a fixed time for it to be sent. Nevertheless I realise that Reiki does it’s thing whether or not you “feel” anything as during the next 3 days I experienced three significantly beneficial receipts and confirmations of money: One was a delivery in person of cash earnings from sales of my art; the next was the written offer of a sum of money related to a work issue and the third was two sales on my Etsy shop.These three just flowed into my life straight after Kristin sent her Money reiki. I would definitely say to people to give it a try. I have told my friends what happened too.Kristin is a lovely communicator and I have complete faith and confidence in her as a Reiki Master. ”
Alison Fennell, South Wales, U.K.


“Wow! Kristin.. I must say your reading seems right on and very accurate.. One of the best readings I ever had.. Yes I have been having money problems.. I have no job and have relied on my mother for funds and am currently on disability… I don’t get much but I make do… My mom lost her job and ever since then I have been very worried about things.. Yes you are correct.. I have been having trouble to eat healthy and seem to eat a lot of junk just because that’s what’s on hand.. I am a smoker and I also walk to get where i want to go as i don’t have a car.. And I take my dog for walks and this helps me get outside and relieve stress as you say.. I seem to be getting the meditation thing a lot lately.. I don’t know that my artwork is drawing blanks but what to do with it..I do have an etsy account.. www.timebush.etsy.com and a website www.timebush.com… Thank you for all the good advice you have left me in your reading.. it really helps… I will try to use your affirmations and to not worry so much.. Your cards and interpretation seem really accurate.Your reiki is still with me and it was very gentle almost like hot oil poured on me and a deep tissue massage.. It realy helped and while i was getting it, felt like a knife was removed from my stomach… my worries seemed to have caused some acid reflux and your reiki seemed to help a ton… I would definitely recommend you to a friend and am very pleased with the results.. You are very talented and I appreciate the detail you have in your reading.. Thank you so much.. ” Tim , Philadelphia


” Thank you Kristin for your fabulous reading and Reiki session. After the healing, I felt very relaxed and happy; my stress and anxiety had dissipated virtually into the thin air. The intuitive and card readings were very accurate. You picked up on my current dilema and my inner feelings. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I hope other people  appreciate your talents as much as I do.” Monika, Tennessee


” Kristin, Despite my belief that Reiki serves its’ intentions highest purpose, I didnt expect impressions via distance. However, being a practitioner myself, I immediately know the life force had started it work with me as I entered a relaxed day-dreamish state, similiar to when I practice on myself or others. I felt 3 significant hot/cold tingles. The first was my third eye area – this was the reason for my session. It lasted a little bit and halfway through the session I felt it again in my left back area. I immediatly felt it was the left kidney that showed slight swelling in a CT scan a few weeks ago. It was the third tingle on my right knee that I realized I was able to sense your progress through the treatment. I happen to have a weak knee. So i firmly believe I was able to sense your session’s progress as you worked your way down my body! And it tapped into the weaker parts of my being! Great session. Your readings were accurate, confirming the issues I have been working with personally. A great confirmation for both you and me! Your impressions were also accurate. You offered confirming impressions which allowed the receiver to gain trust in you. And, a great way to help others open their hearts towards new paths. You have put a great amount of effort into developing your skill and I wish you all the luck in helping to serve those who come to you for their support. They’ve made a good choice! Thanks Again, Sparks” Sparks, New York


“I just received reiki healing sent by Kristin. Honestly, I feel more positive and not only did I get Reiki, but Kristin tuned into Spirit Amazingly! She accurately described people in my life and gave me the advice that I needed to hear to move on; and to stop me feeling stuck and dwelling on a situation in my life.Kristin was caring, understanding and really honest if you are thinking about going to her for a reading or reiki healing. Then, don’t hesitate you will notice a change in yourself…I highly recommend in having one done, you will not regret it..”Kathleen, Ireland


“I highly recommend Kristin for Reiki and Reading Sessions. She has an amazing ability to very accurately pin point your issues where you are stuck. I was amazed at how accurately she sensed my issues. Even my close friends and family would not have understood what Kristin could tell me about me. With her Reiki and her recommendations (affirmations), I have started to feel more safe in my life situation. Eversince I had a session with her, my life truly has become much more joyous.”
Divya, India