Increase your Intuition

Want to Increase your Intuition

Let’s Increase Your Intuition

How to awaken your clairvoyance and increase it further.


Hi Intuitive Souls,

I hope you are doing well and having an Amazing day. You know, I get asked by many students “how can I increase my clairvoyance?” Well, today, I would love to teach you a natural, holistic method for increasing and expanding your intuition while also getting the added benefit of increasing your clairvoyance too.

Are you Ready?

The first method that will help you with increasing your intuition further will start with your “Third- Eye Chakra.” That’s right,  focusing on your energy center that’s directly located near your mind’s eye and clairvoyance but also located near your Spirit and Higherself. So focusing on balancing, cleansing, healing, and maintaining (Yes, you have to do this regularly. It’s not a 1 time cleansing and healing.) your third-eye chakra will assist you with increasing your intuition and clairvoyance.  I highly recommend considering this method one of your staple items. It’s a simplistic tool to add to your spiritual tool box, whether for self-care or intuition.

Here are a few methods to assist you:

Visualization, Tapping, and Wear more Purple. I told you, easy, right! 🙂

Visualization: Practice using positive visualization. Focus on a photo, then close your eyes and visualize all of the details. Use your imagination to awaken and open your gift of intuition further.

Tapping: Use your two forefingers while tapping on your third-eye and stating “I intend to awaken, activate and open my third-eye chakra now. ” This is a quick method. Tapping for 1-2 minutes should be sufficient.

Wear more Purple: You can wear purple clothing, handbag, bracelet, necklace, nail polish, etc. Be creative and wear those items with intention. For example, before wearing state “I wear this purple nail polish with intention of increasing my spirituality further, to help me to increase my intuition and clairvoyance so I can trust my intuition more and see more of the truth. I am ready to see with my mind’s eye.”

I hope you found these techniques helpful. Many Blessings to you ! Namaste.

Love & Blessings,