wordpress-about-pgKristin Marie Rodriguez is an Intuition + Manifesting Expert.

Kristin’s purpose is to help YOU re-connect to your Intuition with simple, easy, and practical techniques.

She teaches women how to listen to their inner wisdom, as well as how to work closely with one’s intuition to help themselves and others.

Kristin is on a mission to help women feel more grounded, centered, and peaceful in their daily lives.

She’s here to help you Live Your Purpose.

She’s here to help you Attract, Receive, + Experience Miracles daily.

Are you Ready!?

my-story-wordpress-about-pgHello, Beautiful!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.

Let me tell you a little bit about my story…

I was born in California, and I grew up in Michigan. I’ve was always been very much a sensitive and empath as a child.

I have a strong love and passion for metaphysical subjects, books, and topics for as long as I can remember.

However, I really embraced my gifts professionally in 2005. In that year, I experienced a pregnancy loss with my first-born. It was a very traumatic experience that caused me to suffer from depression, panic and anxiety attacks.

While healing through my grief, I discovered Reiki. I began to practice and work with Reiki regularly. It transformed my life to use a natural way for Holistic healing. It helped me to overcome my grief and panic attacks.

I then went on teach and heal others with Reiki.

During my Healing Sessions (and even before), I would always feel a very strong Angelic presence. My Angels would deliver messages for myself and loved ones.

After graduating with my Bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising, my Angels would come through very strongly. They began to tell me daily that I was meant to help others through Intuition and Holistic Healing. I didn’t believe them for quite some time, and I was very resistant to this path. I told them “no” constantly, that Intuition was for fun and play, that there was no way that I could do this for a living to support my family and help others at the same time.

However, after sending my resume out and not getting any call backs, I finally began to listen to my Angels. I took baby steps, and little by little began to offer Motivation to Women to help them work and reconnect with Intuition Daily.

Each time that I did, it was life changing. I’ve had very accurate, helpful, and insightful messages come through for clients through the inner wisdom of their Intuition and Higherself.

From then, on I’ve always made sure to follow my Intuition and the Angels guidance, no matter how outward appearances may be.

What would you like Angelic Guidance on? How can I be of service for YOU today?