Would you like to create one of the following?

  • Create your Own Deck for Branding your business

  • Create your Own Affirmation Cards

  • Create your Own Angel, Oracle, or Tarot Deck

  • Create your own Deck for personal use

It was February, in 2016, I can recall finally seeing my vision come to life when I was holding my own deck in my hands. For many years, I’ve always wanted to create my own decks. But for the longest, I didn’t know how to get started, or how to get my idea of my desire into a physical product.

But Finally, in fall of 2015, everything started coming together, I started creating an Affirmation Deck, then published an Angel Deck in 2018.

Since then, I’ve been asked daily, “How can I create my own deck, Kristin? Can you help me?”

I want to help many of You, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, because it will bring more good into this world, and if you’re feeling a calling, then your deck is meant to help others evolve, too. Plus, you deserve to be successful and finally see your vision become a reality. There’s more than enough success for everyone! I want to see your beautiful products birthed into success.

In which, I created this course to assist you with your creative projects and help you create with ease and joy.

In this course, I’m going to be sharing my whole process for creating products for your business, all the way from the beginning stages of creation, production, and marketing. I’m also going to share what to avoid, so you don’t make the same mistakes as me. In addition, to giving you all of my resources.

This Creative Entreprenuer Course is a 4 week course. It includes the following Weekly Modules:

  • Lesson 1: Choosing & Finalizing your Creative Ideas

    How to get started on the creative projects, as well as teaching ways to increase creativity in the creation phase.

  • Lesson 2: Design Aspects

    How to find the perfect artist, or how to publish your Art
    Collaborating with others on Projects
    Creative boundaries

  • Lesson 3: Publication

    Different options for Printing & Publishing your cards and guidebook
    Mistakes to avoid before printing
    Different Avenues to sell Deck through

  • Lesson 4: Marketing & Promotion

    Creative ways to market your deck without feeling like you’re selling

**Enrollment is now Closed**

*Class Starts March 18th, 2019

* Class Lessons will be available in video, pdf, and mp3. Lessons will be emailed to you each week. Private Class Support will be available in exclusive Class FB Group.


*Mentoring will also be included during the course. I will be answering any questions and giving helpful advice regarding your creative project in the private class.

*Increasing Creativity for Successful Creative Projects Meditation Mp3