Coffee for Intuition? Is it good or bad?

Coffee for Intuition? I’m not saying you shouldn’t. Here’s why…

Hey, Beautiful!💖
Everyone has different sensitivities to food, because everyone has different DNA and genetics. So not everyone is going to be sensitive to coffee or caffeine in the same way.
Caffeine is not only in coffee. It’s also in chocolate and tea. If you drink tea, then you are also getting caffeine like you would in coffee.
Coffee doesn’t affect your Intuition. Yes, you can still be highly intuitive and drink coffee!
Coffee can affect other health issues, but it depends on your personal health and hereditary issues. Coffee can help your health, or hinder it. This is due to each person’s physical nutritional needs being different for one’s body.
I’m going to be a bit vulnerable and share my personal journey with coffee thus far..
Back in 2001, I started drinking coffee occasionally before going to work. During this time, I worked at Sears in the makeup department while going to college. In early mornings or while on campus, I would stop at Starbucks for white chocolate mocha. Then when I married my husband, he always had Cafe Bustelo in the house.
In 2011, I was diagnosed with endometriosis. This condition is hereditary. It’s passed down from the mother’s gene, mother’s-side of the family. So I’ve had it since birth, but symptoms normally appear in mid 20’s…During this time, I decided to completely take everything out of my diet. I started following the endometriosis diet, in which I stopped drinking coffee. Coffee wasn’t bothering me, but it wasn’t allowed on the endometriosis diet.
I stopped drinking coffee from 2011 until summer 2017.
In summer of 2017, while my Husband was deployed I was in single parent mode, with 3 kids. So I needed some extra energy. I was beyond drained trying to keep up. My body kept telling me to get some caffeine. So I intuitively listened to what my body was telling me. I started drinking chai tea, then organic coffee and coffee brands I trusted, slowly. Of course, only, ever, in moderation.
In April 2018, after my husband returned, I stopped drinking coffee for a month and I got sick.. Sick as in it affected my endometriosis. No, it wasn’t a detox. My symptoms were more related to not having a regular cycle and feeling like I was going through menopause. I later found out that coffee was helping to regulate my hormones, helping me to have estrogen. If I didn’t drink coffee, then I probably would of had to take estrogen patches.
Thankfully, I intuitively listened to what my body needed, and I went back on coffee in May, then my health quickly returned.
My point is, coffee isn’t for everyone, but you really have to pay attention to your body, your “personal” sensitivities. What’s right for one person, but might not be right for another. Pay attention to how certain foods make your body feel with or without them. Your body will let you know. You may also go through cycles, where you could tolerate something before and not later, or vice-versa, as you age.
You know what is right for you.
Listen to your intuition when it comes to your health and food. Don’t be scared to eat what is best for your personal health for fear of being judged.
And it’s okay for you to change your diet for your health. You’re not disappointing anyone in-person or on social media.
Beautiful, your health is #1 priority. And remember, moderation is key with any diet as an Intuitive.
If you have any questions, please feel free to post below👇in the comments.
As always, All my Love,